Tuesday, February 5, 2008

WGN joins the blackout

A local TV station in Chicago, WGN, which is broadcast throughout the US, has taken to using the phrase "a three candidate race" for the GOP primary. This is the latest, but every single day someone tells me of the latest saga in the Ron Paul blackout.

I think after Tuesday, I will, based on principle, boycott all local news that does not give Ron Paul fair coverage and boycott their advertisers as well.

Something that worries me, however, is that doing so will distance me from the omissions in a way that will not permit me to reference them in my conversations with others. Referencing them and recording them are important in order to credibly portray the blackout to others, and in return strengthen Ron Paul as a legitimate candidate despite the fact that he is virtually unknown.

The media has done a genuine disservice to the American people by not reporting on a candidate who opposes the war, opposes our foreign occupation, and seeks to bring our soldiers home in order to defend our own soil and fund programs like Social Security. I know that this disservice happens because several times a day it is clear to me that the person I am talking to is longing for a candidate saying the things Ron Paul is saying. Just today, I spoke at a retirement home and two members of the twenty member audience came to me and told me essentially that. Others, from the nods, from their comments, found sense in his words. I want Ron Paul to be president, but we NEED for Ron Paul's ideas to become a legitimate part of public dialog.

Yesterday, a buddy of mine who was not aware of Ron Paul just a few months ago, wrote a letter on this topic to a well respected local anchor. I might place that letter and her response here in the future, with his permission. These personal letters to respected journalists and to advertisers, pointing out specific omissions of Ron Paul must become commonplace. The loss of respect that we have for the journalists that we've always respected must be told to them. They must hear how disappointed we are in them, in the hopes that it inspires better behavior in them. And if that doesn't work, we will definitely get the word to them via their advertisers (who don't expect reduced sales from their expensive advertising budgets).

Local election boards decide who the candidates are, not journalists or media moguls.

(writing from the South Loop HQ in Chicago, IL)


Carney said...

"Local election boards decide who the candidates are, not journalists or media moguls."

I feel your pain, and I'm with you, but, fact is, the media DOES control it all.

Our Constitution allows freedom of speech, but I'm not sure the founding fathers knew what kind of monster they would be unleashing in the form of free press. It's clearly a two edged sword.

Americans In Europe For Ron Paul said...

I agree with you that freedom of the press is a two-edged sword. The freedom of the press may be working against Ron Paul right now, in terms of large media companies.

However, I would never suggest that the government should limit it.

It is more of a matter that us, the reader/viewer of the press ought take into our own hands. I smile with delight that WGN and the Chicago Tribune are going out of style. Let them and their many institutional biases die away. Let our small internet newspapers and our emails to one another and face to face conversations be a return to what our founding fathers understood to be at the heart of freedom of the press.

I would have it no other way, and I would resent any government that would take that hard earned victory over corporate media away from me and the people fighting alongside me on this matter.

What do you think? Is it not good Carney that the US government is permitted no control over the words you or I share with others on the internet by "publishing" our words here?

The media will come around. We just have to help them with that. And part of helping them with that, is educating others that certain biases do exist. To do these things, we do not need the government's help and hopefully we will not have hindrance from the government either.

So far, I know that you are half way with me on this one. Are you with me on other parts of what I have said above?

I look forward to hearing back from you, Carney.