Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney, Paul, ALIPAC, and DOBBS ?

I received a note today from the head of Americans For Legal Immigration. Up until today they openly supported Paul and Romney and openly degraded McCain and Huckabee based on the immigration policies of the candidates. Now that Romney's reported to be out, ALIPAC has decided that in addition to supporting Ron Paul, that ALIPAC needs to try to drag another anti-amnesty candidate into the race. Below I have posted the email.

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3 Important Items

ALIPAC Reactions: Fighting Back Against the American Nightmare
Mitt Romney Suspends Campaign for President
Draft Lou Dobbs campaign ready to roll
Friends of ALIPAC,

After reading most of the thousands of e-mails we received from you with your opinions about the Presidential campaigns, we have crafted the following response.

Please read, distribute, and share your thoughts.

Read and Comment at...
ALIPAC: Fighting Back Against the American Nightmare!


We just got the news that Mitt Romney is announcing his withdrawal from the race at the CPAC convention. Michelle Malkin reports that the event organizers are going around begging grassroots conservatives NOT to boo McCain at the event. We hope they do!

Romney to Quit Presidential Race


As you recall, ALIPAC prepared a website for a possible call to Draft Lou Dobbs as a Presidential candidate.

This was done so we would be prepared just in case, after we saw McCain win in New Hampshire.

It is a good thing that we have this site prepared to roll out of the laboratory now that it is needed.

The time has come for us to use the site. Early bird supporters have already pledged almost half a million dollars, if Lou Dobbs runs.

Now it is time for many of you to consider making a pledge of support and making it a strong sum. If you feel that the McCain and Hillary wins have increased your desire to see Lou run, then take the following steps.

1. Visit
2. Fill out the form to make a pledge of support as a volunteer and or contributor, if Lou agrees to run.
3. Sign the guest book on the site, with a message for Lou Dobbs.
4. Post links to the site across the web and use the "Tell Your Friends to join us" feature on the site to spread the word to your contacts.


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