Sunday, February 3, 2008

Great Endorsement

The American Conservative finally endorses Ron Paul. That comes as no big surprise to anyone familiar with this fine conservative magazine. You find the text of the endorsment here.

The reasons given for their support, I think, can be best illustrated by the following quote: "He [Paul] alone understands that the ever expanding federal government is a far greater threat to American liberty than some tinpot dictator in the Caucasus". This nicely sums up Ron Paul's position on America's role in the world and his concerns about domestic developments.

They favouralby mention the many young poeple Ron Paul has introduced to his ideas and laud his principled approach to politics.

Fully aware of the dim chances to win the nomination TAC nevertheless urges to vote for Dr. Paul:
"This campaign sends a signal to both parties that a significant number of Americans value their country’s great Constitution, that many conservatives reject wiretaps, waterboarding, and senseless wars. There is far more realism in Paul’s analysis than can be found in those Republicans who..."

-- Johannes

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