Monday, February 11, 2008

Old News from Louisiana

This got caught in my bulk box. Sorry for the delay. Here is an email that I sent down to Louisiana and Corey's response. - Allan

I'm assistant organizer of the greater Chicago meetup group, we
are working hard up here. Now that it's too late to make phone
calls to supporters, I am on the internet trying to figure out
what is going on down there. I have caught snippets of the
story. NO ONE that I encounter during the day, including Ron
Paul supporters have any clue of what is going in LA, and very
few people even heard that LA had a caucus. Steve, would you
mind telling me what happened, or at least pointing me to a
good source to take a look at? I would actually, like to give
you a call and ask about it, if that would be okay with you.
Thank you.


Heres two links. 2nd one is the real story.

Send me any questions you have now. Spread the story far and wide.