Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The 2nd Phase

I just received this, coincidentally, a few minutes after I returned home from a meeting about that same topic. Big plans are already underway for elections in 2010. Some plans are even underway for 2008. Those plans are happening in the states that have already voted. In those that have not yet voted, well, as I had hoped, Texas is becoming a battle ground state - Ron Paul supporters have already started flooding in from all over the country. Ron Paul has put focus on his Congressional race, and has trimmed down the national staff, but a whole lot of people out there refuse to believe that Ron Paul can no longer be the nominee from the Republican party. In truth, I am one of those people, because like I've pointed out here, a lot of folks are shocked that Romney is no longer in it and are pretty darn upset with the prospect of McCain or Huckabee. Here is one man's version of how stage two of the r3VOLution should look.
- Allan in Blue Island

Dear fellows,
Will you not consider joining us for the second stage of battles? I am calling all freedom loving patriots. Listen to these ideas! What if someont told you they were running a full slate of candidates for every elected position in your Congressional District and across your state? Sound good. Join us and see how this is done. We are having a membership drive with agoal of 10,000 in two weeks. Woln't you help us implement these plans in every nook and crannie in this country. Truth is we need you. Please, popularize this in your respective meetups. We know you'll be glad you did. So join us.

Here are some informal minutes from our first meeting tonight.
I just sent the following two emails to our membership (now about 140):

Hello there Ron Paul supporter! Thank you for joining the effort to take the Ron Paul Revolution to the next level. We are in the process of getting this organization off the ground, but we would like to get you involved right away.

We just had our first RonPaulGrassroots National Council meeting. At this time, we are pursuing the development of the following 5 Point Program:

1. Organize Congressional and local office runs by supporters of the Ron Paul platform.

2. Organize for the Ron Paul agenda within the Republican Party

3. Organize physical Ron Paul Grassroots Centers across the country.

4. A new Ron Paul Grassroots national organization with an organizing web site (www.RonPaulGrassroots.org)

5. A Grassroots Money Bomb to raise funds to support this agenda and other Ron Paul grassroots support projects.

We want to develop committees to forward objectives #1 and #2 as soon as possible. Please reply and let us know if you would like to be part of these local action committees:

1. Ron Paul Slate Committee. Identify candidates for office, specific offices to run those candidates for and the parameters involved. US Congress, State Assembly, Local Council, Sheriff...these are some of the offices we can compete for now. When are the filing deadlines? How many signatures are required? What are the filing fees? Should the candidate run as a Republican, Independent or other party? In Los Angeles, we are running one of our Meetup Organizers for Superior Court jugde! He filed today and paid the $1200 filing fee a few days before the deadline. “Say YES to Judge NO!”. We are looking forward to having many cases thrown out on the basis of their Constitutionality!

2. Take Back the GOP Committee. Identify offices within the local GOP that Ron Paul supporters can take over. Learn about the way your local GOP works and how to gain positions within it. Many local GOP units are floundering because of the destruction done to the party by the Neocons. Can you marshal the local Ron Paul meetup army to move into vulnerable areas? Here in L.A., we have specific plans for making rapid progress in this area.

Please reply and let me know what you would like to do and any ideas you may have. We will either put you in touch with an Organizer or help you to be the Organizer of that Committee.

If you have ideas for developing these areas or the other three points as well, we’d like to hear them.

Please also do join the RonPaulGrassroots.org meetup at http://www.RonPaul.Meetup.com/496. There you can engage in discussion with other members about these projects and develop your ideas and seek support. The email list is currently moderated and the message board is open.

Yours in support of Ron Paul for President,

Steven Vincent

Take the Revolution to the Next Level! Join RonPaulGrassroots.org

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”: Gandhi

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