Saturday, February 9, 2008

Upset about the e-mail from Ron Paul? Keep reading.

I had this email in my inbox earlier today from one of the organizers of another meetup group. I agree with its sentiments and am reposting here. - Allan

Dear Ron Paul supporters,

I'm very upset at RP's e-mail...and would like to ask all of you for your help.

You all know of Trevor Lyman, and I'm hoping that RP's email was meant to pull every emotion out of people, as it has me. I've cried a lot...and now have come to a decision, for NOW I'm mad as hell!

Trevor is EXCELLENT at motivating people, and I hope you would suggest my idea of a "RUN RON RUN!!!" emergency donation money bomb!

I would like to see a money bomb for 400k (which is nothing for us, and maybe tie it in with the President's Day money bomb) to get Dr. Paul his funding for his Congressional campaign and finally put that to bed so Dr. Paul (and his piss ant campaign managers) can buck up and get moving on his Presidential campaign.

These funds would be CONTINGENT upon an attitude adjustment of stopping the defeatist attitude and running as a strong contender for the office of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! It is time for Ron Paul to have a promotion from one office to the highest office. He deserves it.

Many people have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for RP to run as a 3rd party candidate. Well now they have their's NO. So maybe they will FINALLY crack open their wallets and GIVE FOR THEIR FREEDOM!!!

We have an excellent chance at winning the election, and what we have to remember is Romney only SUSPENDED his campaign! He could come back at any time and make this a brokered convention.

My personal feelings are that Romney suspended to see if RP would drop out. If he does...Romney is right back in it. If RP does NOT drop out...Romney would STILL come back, but with less delegates, and maybe too late to get the delegates he needs, dividing the Party further, and FORCING a brokered convention. RP must be shown our support and that we WON'T quit on he better not quit on us!!!

Get mad, upset, cry, scream...but mainly get off your butt!!!! If we send 1000's of e-mails to RP's office showing him our support, along WITH a huge money know he's in it to the end.

The campaign is out of money.

RP will not run 3rd party.

Are we going to allow him to quit because many of us kept waiting for him to say, one way or the other, that he would run 3rd party? Well now we have our answer. He won't. So let's give till it hurts, and make sure he knows how much we love him and that our hopes and dreams are all with him.

THIS IS WAR! And I'm stepping up to volunteer as one of his leading General's to take him into the White House. Who's with me?

I didn't quit on Dr. Paul...he promised me he wouldn't quit on me...I'm holding him to his promise.

Here's to my HERO...President Paul!

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