Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some Public Servants can be Plain Ignorant

This type of ignorant behavior from our public servants seems to be quite a hot topic in the US these days. I do not know if it is happening more, but it is not difficult at all to find instances of such happenings simply by asking around. In the video below, a paralyzed man get dumped from his wheelchair by a cop because she didn't believe he was paralyzed. Now surely there will be a lawsuit and if the past performance is any indication of future returns, the taxpayers of that town will be forced to pay the bill for this ignorant officer's behavior. Would anyone like to share laws that you've heard about elsewhere that hold public officials and civil servants (instead of taxpayers) responsible for a civil servant's wrongdoing? I appreciate hearing from you on this. Blue Island, IL needs such a policy to help deal with the more than a dozen federal cases pending against the city of 23,000 for the local cops being real jerks to the residents here. - Allan in Blue Island, IL

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