Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jim Rogers on Ron Paul

Investor Jim Rogers comments on Ron Paul while being interviewed in the Austrian daily "Der Standard". Here is my translation of the relevant parts:

STANDARD: What would be your advice to the next president?
Jim Rogers: To resign (he laughs). Look, the problems can be solved. But whoever runs on a platform to change the whole system is not going to be elected. You had to change the whole tax system... Furthermore: America has stationed troops in 120 countries. Bring them home! We only make enemies, it doesn't make us safer, and it costs us a fortune.
STANDARD: That's what the Republican longshot candidate Ron Paul says. You once said you'd vote for him.
Jim Rogers: I said he is the only one who understands the situation. A longshot? We'll see in November. Currently he doesn't stand a chance.
STANDARD: What about those who stand a chance?
Jim Rogers: I wouldn't vote for any of those...

For those of you who understand german, you can read the full interview here.

-- Johannes

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Americans In Europe For Ron Paul said...

That could be the most important endorsement that I have yet to see. Jimmy Rogers simply does not pick losers. Let's see if he knows politics as well as he knows finance. Thank you for finding that endorsement Johannes. - Allan