Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rapping Ron Paul Fans

On the radio just now, along with Obama girl, performing fans of all other presidential candidates were mentioned. Hillary's was played. It was pretty lame. While my state's junior senator is a constant disappointment to me in the Senate, I am a fan of Obama girl and the catchy song. Since they are the only candidates now mentioned in the national media, one might think that the mention of some McCain fan and even Huck playing his guitar would have wrapped up the newsbrief. No, not at all. "Rapping Ron Paul fans" were mentioned as well. Ron Paul for the long haul ! Of course, one might wonder what kind of news broadcast would even waste it's time mentioning such nonsense. My thoughts exactly. It was just one of those recorded hourly broadcasts sent all over the country at one time. While nothing of substance is likely to be said about the man at any time in the national media today, at least he'll get his name said for the next few hours. Plus, the song contains Dan's favorite rhythmic lyric in all of rap: "Ron Paul 2008 dot com!" - allan 60406

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