Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Listening to other folks talk

It's neat seeing all of the folks that showed up to the RP rally in Lake Jackson, TX. Click here for the album. On the train two nights ago, I struck up a conversation with the girl across from me, curious to find out what she was doing downtown so late. She's a dancer, training at Columbia College. She had a neat story. I did the same last night with the guy sitting across from me. He designs a line of clothing, all made in America, all designed by him and his friends. His MySpace is here. Without talking to the people around you, it's so easy to imagine that everyone goes to school and ends up somewhere in the business world, with a few becoming doctors and lawyers, and a smattering of teachers, then some civil servants and a bunch of union folks thrown into the mix. It's so easy to assume that the world around you is simply a reflection of yourself. The Ron Paul pictures make me wonder "What brought these people here? How long have they known about him? What issues are important to them?" and when I have a few Ron Paul folks together, I ask those questions and cherish the HUGE variety of answers. I like to be communicative with strangers, but I really like that Ron Paul has sent that interest of mine into overdrive. I think back on the caucus system that I saw in Nevada and think of how much more community oriented it can be than a simple walk in, walk out primary vote. Such an event almost forces face to face communication and forces the votes to be counted before you even leave the room. All problems with vote counting are ironed out then and there.

I picked up Greg Palast's Armed Madhouse last night. It was the book that Kerry was asked about in the "Don't Taze Me Bro" video. His description of the process of using "provisional ballots" to disenfranchise voters is convincing that widespread malfeasance occurs in our voting system quite successfully. I bought the book only to read Chapter 4 of that book, the section dealing with the elections, but the chapter was so well done, that I will surely read the entire book. For the first time, I feel like part of a discussion about the future of our country, had among regular Americans. I don't know if this discussion happens every year or if the is just the first time I have gotten so involved in it. If I ever get down to Lake Jackson I'll get to meet some of those folks in Ron's congressional district and to find out who exactly those people are who did our nation the favor of sending the champion of the Constitution to Congress for us.

Wishing you all well.

Allan in BI, IL

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