Wednesday, February 20, 2008

results for Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Wisconsin had their primaries today. This was sent in by Corey, north of here. For statewide results, go to the state GOP's website.
- Allan in BI

it was pretty sweet to hang out at the city clerk's office tonight and check things out. rest assured, i do not believe any shinanigans took place. if any did, it wasn't with the poll workers, but with the counting machine (which was an E S & S machine). ron paul pulled in an average of 13% city-wide. while watching them shuffle through ballots, it was obvious that these numbers bore out. this precinct, district 1, pulled in nearly 20% (so our canvasssing certainly paid off), and the lowest count came from district 7 with only 7%. i was shocked when i got home, however to find that ron paul only pulled in 5% of the vote statewide. what happened? the full results county wide should be posted on the portage county website sometime tomorrow. in all, we did well. producing three times the votes from the rest of the state in a heavily democratic area isn't bad at all. - Corey

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