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Thank you to Johannes for pointing out that Ron Paul has appeared on ORF ! - Allan
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Writing Letters - New States are ready to hear from you

I just want to thank everyone in the group for working on those letters. Our group sent out a total of 180 letters to "no party" voters in Iowa. The move to get out handwritten letters to independent voters continues. It is one of the most effective things that an American Ron Paul supporter abroad can do right now for the campaign. If you are not American, you could also get together with an American to write the letters and it could be quite effective as well. Send me an email at to learn more about how it might be effective for those who are not American citizens. Check out this quote below from the Daily Paul that highlights the importance of those letters. - Allan

My son is canvassing in Iowa. He knocked on a door and the person said that they had just received a letter from someone in Arizona and he had some questions ... 30 minutes later, he had himself a convert ... Please help with this, it really does work and makes the job of our boots in Iowa all that more effective.

We just received new addresses for the following groups. Order online today by clicking here!:

* Republicans in Martin County, Florida (north of Miami from Jupiter to Port St. Lucie)
* Republicans in Wyoming (GOP Precinct Committee Members)
* Republicans in South Carolina (voters focused on immigration/border security issues)

Wyoming is the most pressing since their County Convention is next Saturday, January 5. All NH letters need to be in the mail no later than 12/31 (January 2 for Northeastern states).

I also just added on the site a ranking of letter distribution for all states per million in population. This takes out the population effect of larger states:

Great quote on Daily Paul yesterday: "My son is canvassing in Iowa. He knocked on a door and the person said that they had just received a letter from someone in Arizona and he had some questions ... 30 minutes later, he had himself a convert ... Please help with this, it really does work and makes the job of our boots in Iowa all that more effective." -- ljrdxyh on Daily Paul
Thanks for all your efforts!
Ron Shimshock
Ron Paul Letter Writing Campaign

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Home schooling

A study group? We probably have way to go there, but o.k., why not call it a study group. On a basic level, my intent was simply to use our time more efficiently, to get more out of all the intellectual capacity constituted by our members, and also to provide a long-term perspective for the group.

When you, Allan, quote me on the impact we have on the ongoing election, I want to add the following: I am not so much worried about the limited effect that our Vienna gatherings have on the Ron Paul campaign, I am more concerned about the impact that the campaign may have on us and all the other groups, in the sense that, what happens when things don’t turn out as rosy as some people imagine. Will that be like deflating a balloon? Will all the excitement simply evaporate? Some of you might dismiss asking such questions as needless defeatism, and yes, not a single vote has been cast yet, and we still hope for an upset victory or at least a memorable fight, however small the odds may be. Yet the dim scenario might happen, if people see the movement simply in terms of the race for the presidency.

Getting Ron Paul elected is one part of the story. The other one, and I might add, the more profound one, is, that this is about ideas. And no matter what happens to the Ron Paul campaign these ideas are here to stay: strong defence of personal liberties and a profound reflection on what the proper role of government ought to be, the meaning of national sovereignty in an increasingly globalized world and the function of international organisations, the over-reaching of the state at home and abroad, non-interventionism as opposed to interventionism with all its unintended consequences, a fundamental understanding of the current monetary system and how it affects people’s lives. For me personally, Ron Paul has provided me with lots of food for thought on all of these. In my case it is not that I suddenly started to see the light, but rather a process that I have entered instead, kind of an intellectual journey that has just begun. And now I simply want to carry on. I want to educate myself on those issues, and what would be more apparent than doing that together with the other people in the group.

I, for one, have been interested in international politics ever since and – like so many others - even more so in the post 9/11 world of the last seven years. I have assembled a small but fine reading list (that features some of the titles on Rudy’s list) which I’d be happy to share with the others. Stefan on the other hand has started digging into Viennese economics. I’d be glad to learn more from him on this. And there is Ben, who as an American lawyer has a better insight on many of the implications of the war on terror etc.

Where is all that heading in a practical political sense? What are our goals for the future? We’ve discussed that in depth in our last meeting and inadvertently we ended up once again with the basic question, that is, what does a European Ron Paul movement really mean? What is it about? The result was hardly surprising. We said that, if there is something like a European Ron Paul movement (and Strasbourg just recently proved that such a thing does exist), we should focus on the European Union and the ongoing process of integration. There are different levels of Euro-scepticism to be found among the members of our group. What we all agreed on was that there is, additionally to the many questionable things already in place, a worrying tendency to further interference that gives us as liberty minded Europeans great cause for concern. One major characteristic of how these things are being put forward, is, that much of it happens under the radar. And there we are again with the “study group”. We see it as a logical starting point for us to get ourselves better informed, gain the necessary technical knowledge, check out for possible watchdog groups already in place, and become active. This we see as our most likely long-term perspective as a European political movement and this should feature prominently in our next European wide gathering.

In the meantime we are going back to school. It is a small school still, made up only by the few of us, and it's not too sophisticated yet, sort of a home school. Small but fine, completely detached from any department of education: this, our Vienna school of Ron Paulitics.

- Johannes

Friday, December 28, 2007

News from the Vienna group - the Study Circle

News from the Vienna group - the Study Circle

At our last meeting on Friday, Johannes proposed that the group take a more structured format: “We cannot have a drastic impact on the American elections, but we can have a drastic impact on ourselves. The purpose of the group, therefore, will be to educate ourselves, while building on the momentum generated by Ron Paul’s candidacy.”

While I disagree with Johannes’s first comment – that we cannot have an impact - I absolutely agree with the concept of educating ourselves, and doing that as a group. There are many things related to Ron Paul’s candidacy that I am curious about, yet I would never have the time to research all of them. Johannes, has proposed an important next step for the Vienna group – a lecture from a group member at every meeting, on a topic that is important to him or her, or a topic in which he or she is already particularly well-versed.

Members have already agreed to speak on areas of interest to them – Israel, monetary policy, American media. Presentations at each meeting will be expected to last up to an hour, with Question and Answer to follow, perhaps a moderated discussion, and social time after that.

We will be looking for talented and educated speakers to come present to the group as well. Any suggestions? Please leave a note in the comments, or contact us at

In a decision arrived at during the previous meeting of the Vienna group – Johannes will be the organizer of the Vienna group. There are good ideas circulating about how to expand that group. Also, the group will probably find a more quiet place to meet and one more conducive to a group discussion than 1516.

- Allan

Day 4 on the Road to February 5th

December 27 – Day 4 on the Road to February 5th

I have sat in on a RP volunteer conference call for the first time. It was not organized by the national headquarters. During the time that I was on, (which was considerably later than I should have gotten on) nothing important was discussed, but it was upbeat, and it seems that national efforts are moving along quite successfully. From the conference call, I have gathered the following bits of wisdom:

Some of the Ron Paul volunteers here in the US consider the people at the Ron Paul national headquarters to be jackasses.

Just like in Europe, there are some really quality people active in this movement in the US.

Ron Paul has started to be recognized as a legitimate force, so it is now time for the dirty stuff to begin. In the face of opposition, we must never become discouraged, but instead, we must REDOUBLE our efforts ! !

- Allan, writing from Chicago

Day 3 on the Road to February 5

December 26, 2007 – Day 3 – The road to February 5

A good friend of mine, in his 50’s, in all of his Ron Paul support has taken up the phrase “What have you done for the Constitution today?” It’s something he asks people regularly now. He will not be voting Ron Paul in the Illinois primaries, because he is a lifelong member of the Democratic party in Illinois. His voting on a Republican ballot in the primaries would surely be noticed by others.

- Allan (Writing from Chicago)

Day 2 - on the Road to February 5

December 25 – Day 2 on the Road to February 5th

It seems to me that either Ron Paul is riding the trends in popular opinion in the US or his candidacy is helping to shape popular opinion. Either way, I am hearing pro-Paul viewpoints from people who I would not have expected to have heard them from just a year ago.

Today, I sat with a teacher at a local high school. The man is near retirement, is a sweet guy, loves his students. He sees that it’s becoming common-practice for 14 year olds to start welfare themselves with their own food stamp card. It’s sort of a monthly “allowance,” not from your parents (who must also be on welfare), but from the State of Illinois. The teacher was worried about when such a person would ever be able to learn the joy of taking care of herself when the state is teaching from the age of 14 that it will take care of her. 12 months ago, this man would not have asked me that rhetorical question.

- Allan (writing from Chicago)

Day 1 on the Road to February 5th

Day 1 – The Road to February 5

I proudly displayed my “Ron Paul r3VOLution” button from Fabio as I went through the Zurich airport and as I waited in line, a US citizen, born in India, approached me to tell me

1. ) He saw Ron Paul on CNBC last night
2. ) He’s an independent, but plans on voting for Paul in Illinois
3. ) He doesn’t understand why we are spending so much energy and money abroad when we can’t protect our own borders.
4. ) Why the US needs foreign creditors to cover its debt

When I said to him “What I want to know is why he doesn’t get more coverage in the media?” we both gave each other sort of a knowing look, in which we locked eyes for 5 or 10 seconds before we proceeded. He went on talking about the issues further, but not answering the question I had presented about the media.

As we got on the plane, he took a business class seat while I continued to economy. I gave him my business card in hopes that he would contact me pre-February 5 and we could work together campaigning for RP.

I sat down in my chair with the copy of the Harold Tribune that I grabbed on the way in because of its 9/11 CIA article on the front page. On page 2 was a column entitled “In Presidential Stakes, Watch the Early Money” by Albert R. Hunt.

Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Huckabee, Thomas all present and with at least a paragraph about each.

The man who’s going to have a $20 million quarter and raised the most money in one day ever, for a presidential candidate, Ron Paul, was not mentioned in this column.

On the plane, you could choose from 16 possible movies that you could start, stop, pause, fast-forward and rewind on command and could have any one of 45 mixed drinks, but you may not, under new US regulations, stand up from your chair and wait in line for the bathroom.

I watched Bourne Ultimatum on the plane and am curious – do such movies exist to blur the line between reality about CIA and fiction so that we, as individuals can easily be told “don’t believe everything you see in the movies” or does it exist because Americans are hungry to know more about what our government does in our name, so even if it is fact and speculation mixed, directors present as much of a story as they can without going into an all-out editorialized attack on the CIA.

There’s this strong theme of man against government present in the movie, which leads to this question of – can we educate enough, can RP educate enough, with one month to Super Tuesday, to lead this massive group of people against the government through the ballot box?

Can we give enough Americans reasons to look at Ron Paul to vote for Ron Paul?

I ask today, that ever person who reads this, write every American they know and ask their vote for Ron Paul – if you don’t want to write, you can You Tube it like this guy and DO IT NOW.

Please ! ! Every one of us spreading the enthusiasm can literally spread the enthusiasm to thousands of other people. Let’s say that only 1 in 10 people are enthused by what you’ve written, if you send it to 100 people, that means there are 10 people doing the same things, so if they contact 100 people each with the same results, that means 100 in 1000 people have become enthused. In the next round 1,000 of 10,000 people have been enthused about Ron Paul. After two or three weeks, you could have started a wave in your network was responsible for thousands of people hearing about Ron Paul.

After only a few hours of being in America, I am already noticing that a HUGE problem with Ron Paul’s candidacy is that it gets so little coverage in the media that so few people know anything about the man. We, from Europe, from Asia, from Canada, from America, from wherever it is that we are, can help change that.

I ask you, like me, to step forward today and to contact every American you know with a message about why you like Ron Paul, and to ask that person to consider voting for him as well.

- Allan, writing from Chicago

Canvassing Videos from Nevada

These are some videos that I have been instructed to watch about Canvassing in precincts. They are good techniques that I expect we might one day be using in Europe in the future of our movement. Regardless, they explain elections a bit, and the two short videos are good general - "go talk to your neighbor" techniques. - Allan

"Visit (password is "ronpaul4prez"). View the short training videos from Nevada."

Proclamation of the Strasbourg Tea Party

Proclamation of the Strasbourg Tea Party
15-16 December 2007

On December 16, 2007, Ron Paul supporters from the United States and seven European nations (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, and United Kingdom) assembled in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, for the purpose demonstrating the broad base of international support that Dr. Ron Paul inspires by joining with their brothers and sisters in America celebrating the famous “Boston Tea Party” of 1773. On the previous day, many the participants attended a conference held to discuss ways to help Ron Paul’s campaign for president of the United States, and furthering the Ron Paul Revolution in Europe. The following statement was adopted by the participants:
We Proclaim:

Never before has a candidate for president of the United States inspired people around the world as Ron Paul has done.

Ron Paul has cured our apathy and inspired the enthusiasm of youth throughout Europe, just as he has in America. He has given us hope in limited government, and restored faith that democracy can work.

We thrill to his message of liberty and personal responsibility, which is so different from that of normal politicians, who see the people they are supposed to serve as little but helpless clients to be managed by the state.

We no longer wish to have our lives interfered with and controlled by bureaucrats.

We share Ron Paul’s concern for the stability of our financial system, and believe that sound money is essential for the economic health and financial stability of not only America but also of Europe and the rest of the world.

We share Ron Paul’s insight that our bloated governments and financial managers are controlled by special interests who are neither responsible nor responsive to the people. We applaud Ron Paul for bringing these issues into the public consciousness, and dedicate ourselves to educating people about them.

We believe that Ron Paul’s call to return to the original principles of the United States Constitution, and of America’s Founders, is the best route to world peace and security.

We believe that Ron Paul’s foreign policy principles of respect for sovereignty and non-interventionism are as applicable to the European Union and to our own nations as they are to the United States.

Ron Paul has been called an “isolationist” by his opponents. We want Americans to know that Ron Paul is inspiring an international movement, and that he is the only candidate who is making friends for America and gathering broad-based international support.

We believe that Ron Paul has sparked a revolution of friendship between all those in Europe and America who share his values, and that this friendship and this Revolution will continue to grow in strength and depth.

We dedicate ourselves to supporting Ron Paul in his election campaign this year, supporting his goals when he is elected president, and bringing his message of liberty and personal responsibility to our own nations in Europe.

Adopted in Strasbourg by the participants of the Strasbourg Tea Party on the 15th and 16th days of December, Anno Domini 2007.

Ben Novak, Bratislava, Slovakia

Allan Stevo, Bratislava, Slovakia

Fabio Bossi, Munich Germany

Patrick Ryf, Berne, Switzerland

Peter-Willem Vanden Broucke, Ghent, Belgium

Stephan Eckert, Frankfurt, Germany

Nicole Bless, Frankfurt, Germany

Johannes Maierhofer, Vienna, Austria

Philipe Huhardeaux, Brussels, Belgium

Igor Uszczapowski, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Michael Bienek, Reimsbach, Germany

Michael Bauwens, Ghent, Belgium

Thomas Waschko, Hamburg, Germany

Tim Wessels, Hamburg, Germany

Laura Harth, Ghent, Belgium

Denis Clijsters, Antwerp, Belgium

Lukas Mauch, Munich, Germany

Nicholas Serr, Munich, Germany

Rafael Kraft, Rotweil, Germany

Michael Neral, Edinburgh, United Kingdom (Scotland)

J. Blättermann, Munich, Germany

Janine Schleicher, Rotweil, Germany

Laura Hegedus, Munich, Germany

Ira Katz, Paris, France

Johanna von Seckendorf, Munich, Germany

Karl Stritzinger, Munich, Germany

Roger Buchschacher, Basel, Switzerland

Felix Klee, Baden-Baden, Germany

Norman Thiel, Munich, Germany

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The first video from Strasbourg

Vienna for Ron Paul - After Party - Getting ready for '08

This meetup's main goal will be getting to know each other, and getting members of the group together with each other to discuss the future of our group, and how we can build on the energy generated by Strasbourg.

We will be presenting a plan on bringing in local businessmen to the group. Another plan will be discussed on also building the group bringing more Viennese libertarians into the group. Imagine the stength of such a group - libertarians in Vienna and businessmen in Vienna. Also, we will discuss what role press releases can play in the success of our group and of this movement as a whole.

This will be our first meeting in Vienna after the highly successful Strasbourg Tea Party. It is time for sharing some details of the event in Strasbourg, and news of the movement throughout Europe. Perhaps more importantly it will be time for the Vienna group to ask the question - "Who are we?" and share their long term prospects for this group.

As always, I look forward to seeing all of you there, on this, my last meeting before others take my place here, and I head to New Hampshire, Illinois, and Nevada, to tell organizers there about the movement in Europe.

- Allan

PS 6:30 reservations for 12 people on the top floor of 1516 for 12 people under the name "Ron Paul"

Great Press

Thank you for Dan and Matej in Bratislava for getting this published. I have just gotten back on the internet after last night's return from Strasbourg. You can expect plenty of updates from me about this weekend's impressive event and how what what we did over the last two days is the start of something historical.
- Allan

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hungary 1956, Czechoslovakia 1968, Poland 1981

Past struggles for freedom are not often enough discussed. I felt it appropriate to quote the NY Times for today's anniversary. "On Dec. 13, 1981, authorities in Poland imposed martial law in a crackdown on the Solidarity labor movement. Martial law formally ended in 1983." - Allan

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Letters to Iowa

Sent in from California. What a great grassroots movement we are a part of. I think I'll be signing up for 10 by the 18th. Anyone care to join me? - Allan
Also, there's a great writeup of the whole thing on WaPo here.

Hello AGAIN from sunny California (and now Texas too),

Thank you for your support with the historic "Letters to Iowa" campaign.
We are in the home stretch now, with just 10 days to complete letter writing to the 700,000 no-party Iowa voters. Your support has gotten us THIS far, but the job is not finished yet.

There are still around 200,000 Iowans on the list who we need to write to, approximately the same number of commitments we obtained in the FIRST ten days of this campaign.

I'm asking now that you redouble your efforts to win Iowa for Dr Paul. In the remaining 10 days before the deadline, if you or your Meetup Group organizer can throw at least one 'letter writing party', the remaining no-party Iowa voters will be covered. These letters or postcards must be in the mail by December 18th to make a difference.

The LA meetup got through 1,500 of these short letters in one two-hour sitting last Monday, while listening to our organizers make announcements. This was accomplished by organizers giving everyone at the meeting just ONE SINGLE SHEET of labels and postage, with particularly energetic members writing more. Again, WE CAN DO THIS.

Something else we are suggesting at this late date is to make COLOR copies of your first handwritten letter. This seems to produce the desired effect and gets the point across.

The 'Letters to Iowa' team have developed a way of distributing the names and addresses of no-party Iowans via our new website:

Please go to that page, click "Request Now", follow the simple instructions and you will be sent your list of names.

As always feel free to write me at:

bshonka -at- gmail dot com

with any questions.

Without you all, this would not be possible! The nation and even the world thank you for your efforts as reflected by the thousands of supportive responses we have received.

The rEVOLution continues!

for true liberty,

Bryce Shonka, Ron Shimshock, John Hogan, Justin Garten, Paul Grasshoff and Eric Turner
The Ron Paul "Letters to Iowa" Team

WaPo Exchange on Constitution - Good Points

I really liked this exchange from a WaPo forum. - Allan

At the risk of angering the sea of Ron Paul supporters out there, I'm getting really tired of people talking about Ron Paul as the only one who "understands" the Constitution.

I guarantee you that 99.9% of these people developed their opinions about the Constitution based on their person political beliefs, and not the other way around. The Constitution and Constitutional theory are incredibly complex, and it's not as if seas of Constitutional scholars just aren't "understanding" the Constitution because they see it as a living document.

Posted by: ManUnitdFan | December 11, 2007 05:26 PM

Einstein often said that if you can't explain your theory to a man on the street then you probably have it wrong. The notion that government is too complicated for the average citizen to engage and that a special group of elites should be relied upon to interpret our Constitution for us flies in the face of the words of our founders. The Soviets tried to micromanage their economy and government and failed miserably. What makes you think that we can do the same thing and succeed? Einstein also said that to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. Sorry for all of the Einstein quotes. I majored in Physics.

Posted by: jac6199 | December 11, 2007 05:34 PM

Isabel's next Project - Great Video

This is the next one that Isabel from Spain is going to add Spanish subtitles to. I thought it was just a darn good video that I posted it before the translation work was even finished. - Allan

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Let the Tea Parties BEGIN !

This is from the Paris Ron Paul meeteup group, the first European tea party event of Tea Party'07. - Allan

Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 5:00 PM
Place du Trocadro

To support a man who sets the US presidential campaign on fire

To stand behind Ron Paul and his message of peace and liberty

To commemorate the last American Revolution and greet the launch of the next one

To support the Boston Tea Party 07 initiative
Paris organises its:


Wednesday December 12
On the Esplanade of Trocadéro
(In front of the Eiffel Tower)
Starting at 5 pm

At this occasion Americans in France and French will meet to:
Drink tea
Tell about Ron to people around
Show a big banner ?Ron Paul for President?
Take photos and shoot a video
And show the world that Paris loves Ron Paul


Pour soutenir un homme qui embrase la campagne présidentielle US

Pour soutenir le message de paix et de liberté de Ron Paul

Pour commémorer la dernière Révolution Américaine et lancer le début de la prochaine

Pour soutenir l initiative de la Boston Tea Party 07
Paris organise son :

Le Mercredi 12 décembre sur l?Esplanade du Trocadéro
A partir de 17h.

A cette occasion :
Des américains de France et des Français se réuniront pour:
Boire du thé (si quelqu?un en amène),
Parler de Ron Paul aux gens présents
Déployer une grande bannière « Ron Paul Président »
Prendre des photos et réaliser une vidéo
Et montrer au monde que Paris aime Ron Paul

Methodist Bishops Show Support for Ron Paul's Stance

This is a now from Matej from the Bratislava group, a member from the beginning. Matej, good article, thank you for sending the article in. - Allan

US bishops from Bush's church (methodists) call for "immediate safe and full withdrawal" of the troops. We can say one of Ron Paul's agenda items has more support than the intended actions of all the other candidates. Usable info for our blog Allan? - Matej

A New Website for the MeetupGroup in Rome ! !

Hi Allan,
Thanks so much for posting the Meetup info. Anything you can do to disseminate this info would be a help as well. For instance, can you post it at Here's my latest:

This is a new email, forwarded to my own regular email. I check it daily:
Also, check out

Let me know if you know of other interest for our Rome Meetup on Dec 16th. Best of luck w/ Strasbourg!

John R

Monday, December 10, 2007

Spanish Subtitles - Bernake appears before the people's elected representatives

Thank you to Isabel in Spain for another translation of Ron Paul material into Spanish. The last video was a success on you tube and has, among other things, been used by people in Latin America to teach their non-English speaking parents about Ron Paul. What a cool international movement that we've become a part of.
- Allan

The Campaign Finally Steps Out of Our Way

A hindrance on our raising of funds for the Ron Paul campaign has been that some of us Americans were simply forbidden to do so. The campaign website would not allow for it. We're most happy to see that the campaign has taken the necessary steps to welcome us to donate as well. Until this time, those of us in the group with credit card billing addresses in the US have had no trouble. Americans citizens with billing addresses in Slovakia or elsewhere outside of the US, were not able to donate. According to the following article, this policy has changed, and American citizens everywhere are now welcomed to donate. - Allan

Americans Living Overseas Can Join in Ron Paul's Tea Party Sunday

Good news to Americans living overseas. Up until now, if you did not have an American address you could not donate to the official Ron Paul website online at There was some kind of problem with who knows what, but just in the nick of time the folks at the Ron Paul campaign have ironed out the issues and now overseas Americans can donate to Ron Paul online just like the folks at home.

This is great news coming on the heels of the what hopes to be the biggest single donation day in history, December 16, 2007, the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Think about it, now even Brits can join in the Boston Tea Party! From reports, in some countries it is not as easy as is here to just write a check or send a money order. Many overseas Americans who have every right to donate to the campaign have been having a hard time of it.

In fact, Ron Paul currently has over 84,000 Meetup members divided among over 1300 groups and those groups are being held in 29 different countries around the globe. Not only that but there are another 7,800 people on waiting lists wanting to start more groups. No other Presidential candidate even comes close to this kind of world wide support.

Prior to the November 5, 2007 donation drive many overseas Americans were saddened they could not participate. Well, this time they can all join in the New Boston Tea Party. Imagine a worldwide revolution against corruption and tyranny. For those of that will be joining in the fun be careful about the time zone issue. For donations to be counted as all coming in on December 16th for world record purposes, only donations that come in from 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time will be counted as being donated on the 16th. Hopefully, this little time zone converter will do the job: However, not being a trusting soul, please check to make sure you are donating on the correct day!

This is wonderful news for the Paul campaign and may give the line setters over at something to consider. The folks over there are taking prop bets as to whether or not Ron Paul will pull in more than six million dollars on December 16th. Now with the whole world being able to participate in the event, who knows how much money Ron Paul will pull in? Only time will tell.

If you want to watch the money come pouring in, you can view the live money counter on the front page of along with other places, but do try to avoid the page just to watch, save those servers for the donations.
The last time Ron Paul supporters pushed for a big donation day like this, November 5, 2007, Ron Paul received over $4.3 million dollars with an average of just $103 per person. On that day, people were asked to donate one hundred dollars each and over 38,000 persons rose to the challenge. This time people are pushing the envelope and asking for all anyone can afford. After all, it is now do or die time. Either Ron Paul wins the nomination from the Republican National convention or his campaign is over. He has stated many times that he does not intend to run as an Independent. So, for those of you planning on giving a little here and a little there, here is all you have left. Why hold a little back when the last few dollars may make all the difference.

The whole primary election will most likely be decided on or close to February 5, 2008, believe it or not that is only 2 months away. This is basically it. The last big drive before the primaries, there is nothing to hold back for, and now with the rest of the world joining in to help Ron Paul, December 16 will be an exciting day for sure. The last donation drive they had about 3 weeks to pull the concept together, this time it has been mentioned on national television news stations and people have been gearing up for this since about, well, November 6th. If Ron Paul can have a stupendous day, an absolutely over the top, people have to take him seriously now kind of day, this could well be the turning point of the election when he goes from a merely possible candidate to an absolute front runner. This is the only way to show them how wrong the polls have been all along.

Once again, Americans will be fighting for their freedoms, they will be fighting to have a leader that will follow a United States Constitution, one who will return this country to one of true economic power, not one that has to flex its muscles daily. Many Americans have felt oppressed for a long time as their savings lose its value, they work harder for less buying power, and they are afraid of what will happen to the dollar. Ron Paul, is not only a medical doctor, but he has been studying for years the kinds of economics needed to fix these ills. He wants to return America to the great land she was when she started. A land that others longed for so they too could have a chance at the dream. Sadly, that dream seems more like a distant whisper to many who have to have both parents working more than one job just to make ends meet. The idea of a forty hour work week with an hour off each day for lunch being enough to support a family of four has long ago past. Americans are now afraid to speak freely on the telephone after hearing that the government is listening in to virtually every call, and the FBI can knock down your door anytime they feel like without a warrant signed by a judge. Americans are tired of being on cameras at every corner and being treated like criminals if they can't take their shoes off fast enough at an airport. Ron Paul wants to bring our money, rights, and freedoms back to us.

So, if you are so inclined, once again, join a group of Americans who are trying to change history on December 16th. For more information about Ron Paul in general go to or and look on the home page, top left corner. You may discover why so many people around the globe are watching him so closely. You may learn why many have called him the Thomas Jefferson of our time. There is also a website called where you can sign up to pledge your support. But no matter what, always donate directly to the campaign website at You may learn why many have called him the Thomas Jefferson of our time.

If nothing else, aren't you curious why the big fellas are so afraid of him that they give him a fraction of time allotted during debates, keep his name out of the paper, and run relatively few news stories about him? If THEY are afraid of him, you can bet he must be good for YOU. And even though the media has now determined through scare story after scare story that Americans are now only worried about the economy, a great deal of people still want the troops to come home. The two issues are related, after all, it costs money to keep them over there. Ron Paul is the only President who will even talk about bringing home the troops when he gets into office instead of 6 years from now. If that war is going to continue, they are going to need soldiers from somewhere. Parents, the best present you could give your children this year is a large donation to Ron Paul to prevent an upcoming draft. Help make history and donate on December 16, 2007, this upcoming Sunday.


Ron Paul in Rome

Hi Allan,
OK, we're doing it. I'm going to at least print out some Ron Paul stuff.
Ron Paul Meet-up on Sunday December 16th at 2pm at Caffe Greco near the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy.

Caffe Greco is Rome's most historic coffee bar and boasts illustrious visitors including Keats, Shelley, Goethe, Stendhal, Buffalo Bill, Dickens and now it will boast some avid Ron Paul supporters discussing world-shaping issues.

Like your other meetups, this will be an informal place to meet and discuss how we can help Ron Paul get nominated. Also, the 16th is apparently the big day to donate, so we can hopefully catch the eye of some idle rich American tourists relaxing in this posh cafe on this high end shopping street of Rome.

I don't want to make a scene, but it also would be cool to get some photos of Paul supporters at some monumental spots in this "Eternal City." America doesn't have to go the way of ancient Rome! I've got some experience with video editing so maybe we could upload some youtube clips.

Anyway, can you post this date/time/location to Also, any tips you have or anyone you can send to bring some promo material etc would be awesome. I'm expecting 10-15 people or so. But maybe we can double that in 9 days! Anybody else you know in Italy? Apparently Matej was only visiting for a couple days on business. I'm going to talk to the American university programs that I know in Rome.

Thanks for all you're doing. I appreciate any help and advice you've got for me.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Saturday, December 8, 2007

From Verona

This was posted by Federico Pistono on his Verona Ron Paul meetup group. There are good details on Ron Paul's career. Thank you Federico. - Allan

I've been wanting to write a post about Ron Paul for a long time. Before I speak let us see a brief overview of his beliefs:

* He has never voted to raise taxes.
* He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
* He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
* He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
* He has never taken a government-paid junket.
* He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
* He voted against the Patriot Act.
* He voted against regulating the Internet.
* He voted against the Iraq war.
* He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program. He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.
* Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress.

Not only he's the most valid candidate in the 2008 US presidential elections, but he also gained extreme popularity among the internet community, yet ignored by the mainstream media. Why is that? Because he is not the typical candidate who would not speak in politician, but instead about real things, directly to people and attacking those topics that are considered uncomfortable.

Outcry on Iran

I am happy to hear outcry on Iran

and outcry on torture and the US Attorneys. - Allan

Here is George Carlin with viewpoints that sound in accordance with Paul's but from a different perspective than "hope for America."

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Federal Reserve Bank in 10 minutes

Very good lecture from Badnarik that helps to elucidate Ron Paul's Federal Reserve Bank complaints. - Allan

Ron Paul invited to Europe by Stefan from

Great video invitation. Thank you.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Who would the world elect? Good stuff. Thank you, Dan for passing on the information. - Allan

The Ron Paul Blimp

This sounds pretty interesting to me. I like the creative ideas that are thought up when you get a group of people together who are not centrally organized. - Allan

Greetings Organizers,

By now you have probably heard about the Ron Paul Blimp project. Liftoff of the inaugural flight is scheduled for December 10th in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. ABC News and AOL's Radar Magazine are scheduled to be at the launch. The Blimp promises to rally Ron Paul supporters and get great media exposure as it heads north to the TeaParty07 in Boston on December 16th.

The Blimp's appearance will help create a media buzz and could greatly enhance the effects of the December 16th event. Anticipated donations to the campaign could be enhanced as the Blimp gains in exposure creating yet another record provided by the "Ron Paul Army".

The Blimp needs the help of your members to take to the air. We need to meet the funding goals to get the Blimp airborne. Let's get the "Ron Paul Army" to launch the "Ron Paul Air Force" and sweep the elections.

Please contact your members and let them know their help is needed to meet the target dates. We want to get airborne on schedule and make it to the Teaparty07 in Boston. Please pass this information along to your members and ask them to sponsor the blimp with their monetary participation.

Here is the Ron Paul Blimp site.

Please contact your members ASAP... Time is growing short!

Thank you for your continued support of Ron Paul and your help with the Ron Paul Blimp project!

News from Maryland

This was sent in by Nathan from Maryland. Thank you for the inspiring information, Nathan. - Allan

Paul needs the delegates to win and the Congress critters to get
things done once elected. How is your state doing?

Please work on getting your delegates and see if anyone in your group
would be willing to run for Congress.

here is a local cartoon: The headline on the newspaper reads:
"Ron Paul supporters outnumber GOP on primary ballot"

The article:\

Ron Paul supporters file full slate of delegates, 6 candidates for Congress

By Editor

Tags: Ron Paul, Collins Bailey

Supporters of Rep. Ron Paul's presidential campaign filed a full slate of delegates and will vie for the Republican nomination in six congressional districts, has learned.

The movement was largely independent of Paul's national campaign
organization, comprised mostly of volunteers recruiting fellow

Collins Bailey, a Republican candidate in the 5th District for
Congress and for RNC delegate, acted as State Captain.

"There were so many more persons wanting to be Ron Paul delegates than
what was actually needed," Bailey said. "Some were calling Ron Paul's
headquarters asking to be delegates. In the meanwhile someone
mentioned to the folks at headquarters that we were already way ahead
in getting to know each other in Maryland."

"I was the first in the state to file as a Republican delegate and had
been explaining the process to some others, so the Ron Paul
organization just started forwarding the requests they were getting to

Now Paul's national campaign will receive a list of delegates, sign
off on it to the State Party and the Board of Elections and designate
the group "committed" Ron Paul delegates.

Maryland Republicans will select 68 delegates and alternates for their
party's 2008 convention in Minnesota's Twin Cities: 48 district
delegates and alternates elected in the February 12th primary and 20
at-large delegates and alternates to be selected at the Spring state
GOP convention.

Successful district delegates are bound to the Republican candidate
who wins their districts, while at large delegates are bound to the
winner of the state primary.

Maryland delegates can be "released" (free to vote for someone else)
by the candidate they are bound to, if their candidate receives under
35% in the first two rounds of balloting, or if the convention reaches
a third ballot.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Good Questions

Bartiromo asks Ron Paul some good questions, some tough questions, and if you really value a candidate's positions, you must value seeing them challenged as well. Some good stuff. - Allan

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

H.R. 1955 from Matej

This is sent in from Matej. The fact that the praise and criticism of the US comes from someone who is not American makes both of them more powerful for me. Thank you, Matej. - Allan

"Again, we're on the track right now. This is happening, folks. You're LIVING through an amazing chapter of history right now. You're actually witnessing the downfall of a free nation and the rise of a superpower fascist state. You're actually part of it."

heh, it looks like Ben has been right emphasizing all the time that "we live through amazing chapter of history right now" ... but I doubt this was they way he meant it... Author of the article mentions that this could be easily used against Ron Paul also.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Thank you to Isabel

This was sent in from Isabel in Spain who has taken to putting Spanish subtitles on a number of Ron Paul videos on YouTube. - Allan

a VERY GOOD video! Thank you Dan.

This is an EXCELLENT video. I recommend all 10 minutes. Not because of the corruption that it demonstrates (something that honestly makes me really sad, because it makes all of my hard work from far away lands seem fruitless), but because of the fact that the makers of the video looked at what was happening and said that they were going to stand against it. Ron Paul will not win without our resilience. Thank you to Dan for sending this. Thank you to Ron Paul supporters in Clearwater, Florida for standing up for all of us who oppose tyranny!! - Allan

Peace for Real

Good luck to RP supporters in Norway! ! - Allan

December 10 is Nobel Day.

The world will have its eyes on Oslo, Norway, where the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize will be presented.

We will tell the world about the real formula for peace: Ron Paul!

On the ground in New Hampshire from

Hej, Allan, you will love this! This is what you are going back to
join! Wow! - Ben

"Ron Paul is a baby elephant"

From around the country, Ron Paul's followers are descending on New
Hampshire to go door-to-door for their man. But what do they really want?

By Michael Scherer

Saturday, December 1, 2007

An absolute "ya gotta read it"

An absolute "ya gotta read it" - Ben

A shocking report: Inside the Ron Paul conspiracy

Maybe you've heard rumors about an explosive newspaper expose on a major political figure that would rock the political world just as the presidential voting is about to begin.

We haven't either.

But we do know that today is when this newspaper blows the top off of the Ron Paul Conspiracy, that vast unorganized protest movement that has silently become one of the more interesting political phenomena of the current election season.

A Times reporter -- we'll call him James Rainey to protect his identity -- has managed to penetrate the Paul presidium.

In his story he recounts for the very first time the shockingly ordinary details of a movement of thousands of disparate, dissatisfied people, some of whom want an end to the Iraq war, an end to gun controls and the IRS, an end to laws banning marijuana and a return to the gold standard, whatever that means.

These Paulites believe the government has been hijacked by a bevy of big interests that threaten the freedoms of ordinary Americans. They're not going to take it anymore. Locally, they're even organizing a re-enactment of a brazenly defiant act, the BostonTea Party, except it'll be in Santa Monica and won't involve tea or white people dressed as Indians. And the protestors promise not to leave anything foreign floating in the water.

These committed partisans, bonded by their suspicion of authority and venal influences like the mainstream media that ignored them until they did something, have united behind a 72-year-old...

Air Force vet and ob-gyn from Texas who has managed to win 10 elections to the House of Representatives as a Republican with two first names and strongly libertarian leanings.

This man believes that U.S. sovereignity is threatened by many things, especially including consistently ignoring the Constitution and by a planned mystery superhighway that would unite with a ribbon of inexorable cement all three North American countries--Mexico, the United States and that other larger one on top that can only afford to have three downs in its football games.

Apparently he's not talking about I-15, which already does that.

"Rainey's" account describes how this man's followers appear to be ordinary citizens with jobs and family by day. But at night they gather openly in chat rooms and living rooms to plot how to promote a tiny unassuming man whom they call reverently Dr. Paul. With little central direction but tons of commitment, idealism and passion, Dr. Paul's followers do everything they can think of to mobilize voter support.

They patrol the internet day and night seeking Paul slights to right. They stand on windy interstate bridges holding inflammatory signs saying:

Even as you sleep at night some of the 1,200 Paul meet-up groups are handwriting letters to all 700,000 independent Iowa voters urging them to consider their long-shot leader. A couple of weeks ago Paulites raised $4.2 million on the internet in one day, a near-record, and a sum they intend to more than double on Dec. 16, the anniversary of that rebellious tea party. How's that for insignificance?

As one result, the ultra-lean Paul organization has been able to buy advertising in New Hampshire and to pump its poll numbers up near double-digits in some places. Rainey's story describes the commitment of one Ron Paul meet-up group in Southern California and the regular folks who drive it with their political beliefs and energies.

Few professionals -- well, to tell the truth, no one -- actually gives Paul any chance of winning the Republican nomination. But then up until Yorktown back in the 1700s, all the smart Vegas money was on the British.

--Andrew Malcolm