Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 1 on the Road to February 5th

Day 1 – The Road to February 5

I proudly displayed my “Ron Paul r3VOLution” button from Fabio as I went through the Zurich airport and as I waited in line, a US citizen, born in India, approached me to tell me

1. ) He saw Ron Paul on CNBC last night
2. ) He’s an independent, but plans on voting for Paul in Illinois
3. ) He doesn’t understand why we are spending so much energy and money abroad when we can’t protect our own borders.
4. ) Why the US needs foreign creditors to cover its debt

When I said to him “What I want to know is why he doesn’t get more coverage in the media?” we both gave each other sort of a knowing look, in which we locked eyes for 5 or 10 seconds before we proceeded. He went on talking about the issues further, but not answering the question I had presented about the media.

As we got on the plane, he took a business class seat while I continued to economy. I gave him my business card in hopes that he would contact me pre-February 5 and we could work together campaigning for RP.

I sat down in my chair with the copy of the Harold Tribune that I grabbed on the way in because of its 9/11 CIA article on the front page. On page 2 was a column entitled “In Presidential Stakes, Watch the Early Money” by Albert R. Hunt.

Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Huckabee, Thomas all present and with at least a paragraph about each.

The man who’s going to have a $20 million quarter and raised the most money in one day ever, for a presidential candidate, Ron Paul, was not mentioned in this column.

On the plane, you could choose from 16 possible movies that you could start, stop, pause, fast-forward and rewind on command and could have any one of 45 mixed drinks, but you may not, under new US regulations, stand up from your chair and wait in line for the bathroom.

I watched Bourne Ultimatum on the plane and am curious – do such movies exist to blur the line between reality about CIA and fiction so that we, as individuals can easily be told “don’t believe everything you see in the movies” or does it exist because Americans are hungry to know more about what our government does in our name, so even if it is fact and speculation mixed, directors present as much of a story as they can without going into an all-out editorialized attack on the CIA.

There’s this strong theme of man against government present in the movie, which leads to this question of – can we educate enough, can RP educate enough, with one month to Super Tuesday, to lead this massive group of people against the government through the ballot box?

Can we give enough Americans reasons to look at Ron Paul to vote for Ron Paul?

I ask today, that ever person who reads this, write every American they know and ask their vote for Ron Paul – if you don’t want to write, you can You Tube it like this guy and DO IT NOW.

Please ! ! Every one of us spreading the enthusiasm can literally spread the enthusiasm to thousands of other people. Let’s say that only 1 in 10 people are enthused by what you’ve written, if you send it to 100 people, that means there are 10 people doing the same things, so if they contact 100 people each with the same results, that means 100 in 1000 people have become enthused. In the next round 1,000 of 10,000 people have been enthused about Ron Paul. After two or three weeks, you could have started a wave in your network was responsible for thousands of people hearing about Ron Paul.

After only a few hours of being in America, I am already noticing that a HUGE problem with Ron Paul’s candidacy is that it gets so little coverage in the media that so few people know anything about the man. We, from Europe, from Asia, from Canada, from America, from wherever it is that we are, can help change that.

I ask you, like me, to step forward today and to contact every American you know with a message about why you like Ron Paul, and to ask that person to consider voting for him as well.

- Allan, writing from Chicago