Friday, December 28, 2007

News from the Vienna group - the Study Circle

News from the Vienna group - the Study Circle

At our last meeting on Friday, Johannes proposed that the group take a more structured format: “We cannot have a drastic impact on the American elections, but we can have a drastic impact on ourselves. The purpose of the group, therefore, will be to educate ourselves, while building on the momentum generated by Ron Paul’s candidacy.”

While I disagree with Johannes’s first comment – that we cannot have an impact - I absolutely agree with the concept of educating ourselves, and doing that as a group. There are many things related to Ron Paul’s candidacy that I am curious about, yet I would never have the time to research all of them. Johannes, has proposed an important next step for the Vienna group – a lecture from a group member at every meeting, on a topic that is important to him or her, or a topic in which he or she is already particularly well-versed.

Members have already agreed to speak on areas of interest to them – Israel, monetary policy, American media. Presentations at each meeting will be expected to last up to an hour, with Question and Answer to follow, perhaps a moderated discussion, and social time after that.

We will be looking for talented and educated speakers to come present to the group as well. Any suggestions? Please leave a note in the comments, or contact us at

In a decision arrived at during the previous meeting of the Vienna group – Johannes will be the organizer of the Vienna group. There are good ideas circulating about how to expand that group. Also, the group will probably find a more quiet place to meet and one more conducive to a group discussion than 1516.

- Allan