Monday, December 10, 2007

Ron Paul in Rome

Hi Allan,
OK, we're doing it. I'm going to at least print out some Ron Paul stuff.
Ron Paul Meet-up on Sunday December 16th at 2pm at Caffe Greco near the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy.

Caffe Greco is Rome's most historic coffee bar and boasts illustrious visitors including Keats, Shelley, Goethe, Stendhal, Buffalo Bill, Dickens and now it will boast some avid Ron Paul supporters discussing world-shaping issues.

Like your other meetups, this will be an informal place to meet and discuss how we can help Ron Paul get nominated. Also, the 16th is apparently the big day to donate, so we can hopefully catch the eye of some idle rich American tourists relaxing in this posh cafe on this high end shopping street of Rome.

I don't want to make a scene, but it also would be cool to get some photos of Paul supporters at some monumental spots in this "Eternal City." America doesn't have to go the way of ancient Rome! I've got some experience with video editing so maybe we could upload some youtube clips.

Anyway, can you post this date/time/location to Also, any tips you have or anyone you can send to bring some promo material etc would be awesome. I'm expecting 10-15 people or so. But maybe we can double that in 9 days! Anybody else you know in Italy? Apparently Matej was only visiting for a couple days on business. I'm going to talk to the American university programs that I know in Rome.

Thanks for all you're doing. I appreciate any help and advice you've got for me.