Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Ron Paul Blimp

This sounds pretty interesting to me. I like the creative ideas that are thought up when you get a group of people together who are not centrally organized. - Allan

Greetings Organizers,

By now you have probably heard about the Ron Paul Blimp project. Liftoff of the inaugural flight is scheduled for December 10th in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. ABC News and AOL's Radar Magazine are scheduled to be at the launch. The Blimp promises to rally Ron Paul supporters and get great media exposure as it heads north to the TeaParty07 in Boston on December 16th.

The Blimp's appearance will help create a media buzz and could greatly enhance the effects of the December 16th event. Anticipated donations to the campaign could be enhanced as the Blimp gains in exposure creating yet another record provided by the "Ron Paul Army".

The Blimp needs the help of your members to take to the air. We need to meet the funding goals to get the Blimp airborne. Let's get the "Ron Paul Army" to launch the "Ron Paul Air Force" and sweep the elections.

Please contact your members and let them know their help is needed to meet the target dates. We want to get airborne on schedule and make it to the Teaparty07 in Boston. Please pass this information along to your members and ask them to sponsor the blimp with their monetary participation.

Here is the Ron Paul Blimp site.

Please contact your members ASAP... Time is growing short!

Thank you for your continued support of Ron Paul and your help with the Ron Paul Blimp project!

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