Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vienna for Ron Paul - After Party - Getting ready for '08

This meetup's main goal will be getting to know each other, and getting members of the group together with each other to discuss the future of our group, and how we can build on the energy generated by Strasbourg.

We will be presenting a plan on bringing in local businessmen to the group. Another plan will be discussed on also building the group bringing more Viennese libertarians into the group. Imagine the stength of such a group - libertarians in Vienna and businessmen in Vienna. Also, we will discuss what role press releases can play in the success of our group and of this movement as a whole.

This will be our first meeting in Vienna after the highly successful Strasbourg Tea Party. It is time for sharing some details of the event in Strasbourg, and news of the movement throughout Europe. Perhaps more importantly it will be time for the Vienna group to ask the question - "Who are we?" and share their long term prospects for this group.

As always, I look forward to seeing all of you there, on this, my last meeting before others take my place here, and I head to New Hampshire, Illinois, and Nevada, to tell organizers there about the movement in Europe.

- Allan

PS 6:30 reservations for 12 people on the top floor of 1516 for 12 people under the name "Ron Paul"