Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 2 - on the Road to February 5

December 25 – Day 2 on the Road to February 5th

It seems to me that either Ron Paul is riding the trends in popular opinion in the US or his candidacy is helping to shape popular opinion. Either way, I am hearing pro-Paul viewpoints from people who I would not have expected to have heard them from just a year ago.

Today, I sat with a teacher at a local high school. The man is near retirement, is a sweet guy, loves his students. He sees that it’s becoming common-practice for 14 year olds to start welfare themselves with their own food stamp card. It’s sort of a monthly “allowance,” not from your parents (who must also be on welfare), but from the State of Illinois. The teacher was worried about when such a person would ever be able to learn the joy of taking care of herself when the state is teaching from the age of 14 that it will take care of her. 12 months ago, this man would not have asked me that rhetorical question.

- Allan (writing from Chicago)