Monday, December 10, 2007

The Campaign Finally Steps Out of Our Way

A hindrance on our raising of funds for the Ron Paul campaign has been that some of us Americans were simply forbidden to do so. The campaign website would not allow for it. We're most happy to see that the campaign has taken the necessary steps to welcome us to donate as well. Until this time, those of us in the group with credit card billing addresses in the US have had no trouble. Americans citizens with billing addresses in Slovakia or elsewhere outside of the US, were not able to donate. According to the following article, this policy has changed, and American citizens everywhere are now welcomed to donate. - Allan

Americans Living Overseas Can Join in Ron Paul's Tea Party Sunday

Good news to Americans living overseas. Up until now, if you did not have an American address you could not donate to the official Ron Paul website online at There was some kind of problem with who knows what, but just in the nick of time the folks at the Ron Paul campaign have ironed out the issues and now overseas Americans can donate to Ron Paul online just like the folks at home.

This is great news coming on the heels of the what hopes to be the biggest single donation day in history, December 16, 2007, the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Think about it, now even Brits can join in the Boston Tea Party! From reports, in some countries it is not as easy as is here to just write a check or send a money order. Many overseas Americans who have every right to donate to the campaign have been having a hard time of it.

In fact, Ron Paul currently has over 84,000 Meetup members divided among over 1300 groups and those groups are being held in 29 different countries around the globe. Not only that but there are another 7,800 people on waiting lists wanting to start more groups. No other Presidential candidate even comes close to this kind of world wide support.

Prior to the November 5, 2007 donation drive many overseas Americans were saddened they could not participate. Well, this time they can all join in the New Boston Tea Party. Imagine a worldwide revolution against corruption and tyranny. For those of that will be joining in the fun be careful about the time zone issue. For donations to be counted as all coming in on December 16th for world record purposes, only donations that come in from 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time will be counted as being donated on the 16th. Hopefully, this little time zone converter will do the job: However, not being a trusting soul, please check to make sure you are donating on the correct day!

This is wonderful news for the Paul campaign and may give the line setters over at something to consider. The folks over there are taking prop bets as to whether or not Ron Paul will pull in more than six million dollars on December 16th. Now with the whole world being able to participate in the event, who knows how much money Ron Paul will pull in? Only time will tell.

If you want to watch the money come pouring in, you can view the live money counter on the front page of along with other places, but do try to avoid the page just to watch, save those servers for the donations.
The last time Ron Paul supporters pushed for a big donation day like this, November 5, 2007, Ron Paul received over $4.3 million dollars with an average of just $103 per person. On that day, people were asked to donate one hundred dollars each and over 38,000 persons rose to the challenge. This time people are pushing the envelope and asking for all anyone can afford. After all, it is now do or die time. Either Ron Paul wins the nomination from the Republican National convention or his campaign is over. He has stated many times that he does not intend to run as an Independent. So, for those of you planning on giving a little here and a little there, here is all you have left. Why hold a little back when the last few dollars may make all the difference.

The whole primary election will most likely be decided on or close to February 5, 2008, believe it or not that is only 2 months away. This is basically it. The last big drive before the primaries, there is nothing to hold back for, and now with the rest of the world joining in to help Ron Paul, December 16 will be an exciting day for sure. The last donation drive they had about 3 weeks to pull the concept together, this time it has been mentioned on national television news stations and people have been gearing up for this since about, well, November 6th. If Ron Paul can have a stupendous day, an absolutely over the top, people have to take him seriously now kind of day, this could well be the turning point of the election when he goes from a merely possible candidate to an absolute front runner. This is the only way to show them how wrong the polls have been all along.

Once again, Americans will be fighting for their freedoms, they will be fighting to have a leader that will follow a United States Constitution, one who will return this country to one of true economic power, not one that has to flex its muscles daily. Many Americans have felt oppressed for a long time as their savings lose its value, they work harder for less buying power, and they are afraid of what will happen to the dollar. Ron Paul, is not only a medical doctor, but he has been studying for years the kinds of economics needed to fix these ills. He wants to return America to the great land she was when she started. A land that others longed for so they too could have a chance at the dream. Sadly, that dream seems more like a distant whisper to many who have to have both parents working more than one job just to make ends meet. The idea of a forty hour work week with an hour off each day for lunch being enough to support a family of four has long ago past. Americans are now afraid to speak freely on the telephone after hearing that the government is listening in to virtually every call, and the FBI can knock down your door anytime they feel like without a warrant signed by a judge. Americans are tired of being on cameras at every corner and being treated like criminals if they can't take their shoes off fast enough at an airport. Ron Paul wants to bring our money, rights, and freedoms back to us.

So, if you are so inclined, once again, join a group of Americans who are trying to change history on December 16th. For more information about Ron Paul in general go to or and look on the home page, top left corner. You may discover why so many people around the globe are watching him so closely. You may learn why many have called him the Thomas Jefferson of our time. There is also a website called where you can sign up to pledge your support. But no matter what, always donate directly to the campaign website at You may learn why many have called him the Thomas Jefferson of our time.

If nothing else, aren't you curious why the big fellas are so afraid of him that they give him a fraction of time allotted during debates, keep his name out of the paper, and run relatively few news stories about him? If THEY are afraid of him, you can bet he must be good for YOU. And even though the media has now determined through scare story after scare story that Americans are now only worried about the economy, a great deal of people still want the troops to come home. The two issues are related, after all, it costs money to keep them over there. Ron Paul is the only President who will even talk about bringing home the troops when he gets into office instead of 6 years from now. If that war is going to continue, they are going to need soldiers from somewhere. Parents, the best present you could give your children this year is a large donation to Ron Paul to prevent an upcoming draft. Help make history and donate on December 16, 2007, this upcoming Sunday.



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This is a great, I posted the link to the NYC Ron Paul Meetup board. They have over 1,000 members. I thought it would inspire them to know rEVOLution lovers in Europe are right there with Ron Paul. Your great. Thanks.

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