Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 4 on the Road to February 5th

December 27 – Day 4 on the Road to February 5th

I have sat in on a RP volunteer conference call for the first time. It was not organized by the national headquarters. During the time that I was on, (which was considerably later than I should have gotten on) nothing important was discussed, but it was upbeat, and it seems that national efforts are moving along quite successfully. From the conference call, I have gathered the following bits of wisdom:

Some of the Ron Paul volunteers here in the US consider the people at the Ron Paul national headquarters to be jackasses.

Just like in Europe, there are some really quality people active in this movement in the US.

Ron Paul has started to be recognized as a legitimate force, so it is now time for the dirty stuff to begin. In the face of opposition, we must never become discouraged, but instead, we must REDOUBLE our efforts ! !

- Allan, writing from Chicago