Saturday, February 16, 2008

A painting

This painting was created by Caleb the painter (his last name, something I will hopefully add one day) : ) and was unveiled at the Chicago Ron Paul office about two weeks ago. Here is the state coordinator, Joe Cesarone, introducing Caleb.

Followed by Caleb describing the painting a bit.

Here is proof that I was actually at this event : ) This is a picture of two writers talking shop. I met two people who had the same scholarship that I did through college. Lots of interesting Ron Paul supporters came out for the even as well. It was a well needed evening of socializing pre-Super Tuesday. Before the night was over, four of us put in a good 15 minutes of shoveling snow.

A good shot of the painting is here. Caleb combined many actual photos of Ron Paul supporters into one for the painting. He has a careful attention to detail as well. Students from the Art Institute appeared and were impressed by what they saw.
My thanks to Alex for the photos. - Allan in 708

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