Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valley Forge

I would have liked to have seen better ballot results on Tuesday. To boil things down, however, a whole lot of people have come around to Ron Paul's message and the message underlying the US Constitution. That is a victory, but a smaller gain than I had hoped for.

There is a movement. And, as we continue in it, I reflect back on the words of Ralph Nader from 8 years ago, as I sat in Foellenger Auditorium at the University of Illinois before some bone-headed college republican kicked him off the stage early that night. He referred to resilience as a key virtue in any civic movement.

At Valley Forge,Washington and his troops were near disbanding. They won a victory of the will however, and persevered. Below, is an email sent from a fellow Operation Live Free or Die member who now works for the campaign. Jeremiah and I made phone calls together every day in New Hampshire and staying in New London, we both road back and forth together at the end of every night and the beginning of every day. His words were much appreciated by me and I hope that you will find them of value as well.


Super Tuesday is the Valley Forge of the Second American Revolution.

Victory looks impossible, defeat looks inevitable. Our army is tired, ill equipped, out-manned, out-gunned, undertrained, underfunded, and generally in despair. This is a time of great uncertainty for us. There will be deserters, there will be nay-sayers, there will even be calls for Dr. Paul to give up.

An inspirational statement is the motto of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and comes from Virgil, "Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito!" or "Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it!"

We must NEVER give in! We must NEVER surrender! Defeat is not an option!

If you believe that 'they' are just going to give us our freedom back, or even let us keep the bits that we have, you are wrong! We must regroup, and go forward with a greater tenacity than we have ever known! We must be ever-vigilant, we must never allow the light of Liberty to be extinguished from this nation!

As General John Stark once wrote, "Live Free or Die; Death is not the worst of evils." When given those options, which do you choose?

The war is not over, it has just begun. There are many tough battles ahead, and we will need every one of us in order to win. Texas is March 4th, with 140 delegates at stake, and Pennsylvania (where the Continental Army regrouped at Valley Forge and emerged a force to be reckoned with) is the ONLY contest in April, with 74 delegates available. Most states with a caucus have not held their State Conventions yet, so their delegates are not even decided, contrary to what the media would lead you to believe at a glance! We are still in this!

Time is on our side, and as the other candidates continue to pick each other apart we will continue to bring in new supporters, more money, and storm the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota with so many Ron Paul Delegates they'll never know what hit them!

Jeremiah G.

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Sam said...

Ron Paul is raising money and getting votes. There is no question on that. The real question is...

Mitt Romney. Presidential candidate, or time-traveling android?

The Romneybot looks like what our future robot overlords imagine we humans want in a president after researching hours of "The West Wing."