Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Primary News

More primary news from a well respected blogger in the Washington area. Click here. Something he points out is that if McCain had it all wrapped up for the nomination, as reported in the media, he would not have been campaigning in Washington state.

The Sam Adam's Alliance ran a great article on that blogger here. The man's name is Stefan Sharkansky. Today about 60 Ron Paul supporters and I will meet in an area restaurant and will listen to a Sam Adams Alliance rep speak.

The movement needs some serious leadership right now. I hope today is not the day that we all realize that the only reason we were all in bed with each other was because of Ron Paul. I seriously doubt it will be, but I will enter the meeting knowing that is a real possibility and will be ready to combat that sentiment from developing. Also, I must be ready to fend off the inevitable "neutralizer."

Giuliani and Thompson were just mentioned on the radio on a show called "Face the Nation" along with McCain, Romney, and Huckabee too, but no Ron Paul.

Allan in Blue Island

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