Friday, February 1, 2008

January 31

It was neat to see that even Derbyshire was donating money today to the Paul campaign as part of the 51st Anniversary celebration. Would anyone have thought that an option 1 year ago?

Today, at about noon, I got a phone call telling me to find County Coordinators for about 80 counties in Illinois. I did that by 9 pm. I was happy about that. Someone told me today that I am now one of the "State Coordinators." I do not know what that means, but I do have access to many helpful things in the computer system, so I am happy about that.

In these last few days, it has been good to see that I am getting things done that could not been done without large blocks of free time in the week. That makes my time here feel more valuably spent. It has been frustrating that in each state it takes time to develop a rapport with the campaign before they trust me with significant tasks, I mean, I'm not some jerk off the street, and I'm not going to disappear tomorrow, I came across the Atlantic just for this. Except, you can't just come out and say that, I guess. Those first few days, where you look at how much more capable you are than the jerk rudely bossing you around (in Nevada) is kind of challenging.

I think for the next state I go to, I will send out resumes ahead of time and make the campaign managers interview over the phone before I decide who will get me : )

A good night to all of you.


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