Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An election experience from Madison, Wisconsin

From Stephanie near Madison, Wisconsin - Allan

I was handed a ballot with little instruction like everyone else: two yellow sheets of paper folded and stapled together, and a smaller blue sheet. The blue sheet was about garbage pick-up. The yellow sheets were the democratic and republican party candidates with boxes to check beside them. I opened mine and stared at it, befuddled. The democratic party was on top. On the back of both sheets a few people had intialed, and there were a few other lines for the initials of the person who counts the votes and his assistant. Both sheets had a backside (and remember, these contained real, not copied, intials), but the front of the supposed republican party sheet was BLANK!! Can you believe? I think the old ladies noticed me standing there staring at it. Finally I turned back around and said where's the republican party? And before I could finish my statement one lady was hot on it: "Oh!" she said, "Y ou got a messed up one." Quickly she took my sheets and gave me a new ballot packet from the pile. Nothing else was said. No big deal? Hardly! I wonder just how many ballots were like mine in the line up? Because the blank sheet that should have listed the republican candidates HAD LIVE INITIALS ON THE BACK! Whyever would the initialer staple it up? There are a lot of older people in this community (Adams-Friendship), and if one was confused he or she probably wouldn't even ask and just vote democratic. I am no doubt probably making a mountain out of a molehill, but so what.

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