Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tonight's Video Announcement starring Lew Moore & Debbie Hopper

This video announcement took place at 8 pm Central time today. Ron Paul's Campaign Manager Lew Moore and National Field Director Debbie Hopper were the two speakers in the announcement. I was off listening to Phyllis Schlafly speak today, so I didn't catch it live. However I did watch the recorded version and recommend it to anyone who would like to get in step with the process happening in the campaign in the US right now. Again, this is a very good video for anyone who wants to be in step with the campaign.

Lew Moore said that we need to continue to focus on
1. Getting the message out
2. To do everything that we can do to get as many pro-Ron Paul delegates on the floor of the Republican National Convention as possible.
All parts of the US will continue to have Regional field coordinators.
Ron Paul's new book will be coming out and it will speak further about us being at the start of a revolution.
Keep working and keep meeting.
RP is a republican, he is not running as part of a third party, we are now essentially a part of the republican party and are able to hold some sway in that party.
They are continuing to work out details of a rally to be held in DC, as Dr. Paul requested.

There was then Q & A time - Should I be canvassing if we already had primaries? Yes, and tell your neighbors that we need to take our country back, and that there's a candidate who can help us do that, and there's a movement behind him. Get involved in the delegate process in your state as well, as it conintues.

Will there be a write in campaign? No, not officially, but we will not be offended if you do.

What happened to Romney's delegates? They are largely free to do what they please.

What is Ron Paul's delegate count? It has not yet been determined, and no one can tell you what the delegate count is from any caucus state. And others.

There was then a break for technical problems and Debbie Hopper did a great job with her 10 minutes, or so, of time speaking.

Informative meeting. If you understand this video, you can proudly say that you understand details of the US electoral process that relatively few Americans even understand. Again, a recommended video if you want to be in the know.

- Allan in 60406

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