Thursday, January 24, 2008

The word from Florida

Sent in by Kelly, an American of Slovak descent, who will be coming to visit us and our meetup group in June with war stories from Florida. - Allan

Hi Allan,

The grassroots effort here is very enthusiastic but also green. We put out tons of signs in this county and do a lot of sign waves. Paul, the local meetup leader owns a furniture store that is doubling as a grassroots headquarters.

We have a local computer programer Mark who organized a website to get walk sheets for canvassing our individual precincts. Then the website came up with a program to do this nationwide a week later. Mark also paired up with a gal who has a telemarketing business and she let a bunch of us use her auto dialer computer phone systems.

The big problem with Florida is the Winner of the primary gets 100% of the votes, and I can tell from canvassing we are not going to take 1st place. For this reason I think the official campaign is not making a big effort in Florida, and I don't blame them. They need delegates and I think they are focusing more on other Super Tuesday states that allocate their delegates proportionately.

We have two televised debates in the next week. NBC in Boca Raton Florida is tomorrow. You may be able to get to see it on their website. The RonPaulBlimp is back in the state over the next 5 days too, so that's always great exposure.

I just want to see the good doctor continue to get his message out by being at these debates. This will continue to educate the non-internet Americans about the big scary issues facing the US.
The first step in fixing a problem is to acknowledge that it exists. I love hearing Ron talk about Fiat Currencies and Blowback in these debates. It's worth every cent I've donated just for that.

Well, that's the update from the frontlines. I'll update you on my trip plans soon after the election.

Warm Regards,

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