Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 15 - pt. 2

I’m in bed right now because one of the local organizers of the Ron Paul campaign who has shown such a tremendous amount of ability, enthusiasm, and lack of general dipshitness that I trust him, told me “There is so much that needs to get done, but it’s 9 pm and I think you really ought to just get to bed, get a good night’s rest, and be ready to hit that precinct hard in the morning. We have a lot ahead of us, but we’re done for tonight.”

I canvassed the neighborhood around my aunt and uncle’s house today. It was a good neighborhood with a handful of Ron Paul supporters. I walked the list of Republican voters. There is expected to be a 5% voter turnout on Saturday. Basically, getting 8 or 10 people from this precinct to vote will be enough to get Ron Paul to carry the precinct. I’m so very disappointed with the tremendous apathy and lack of understanding that I find in this place.

I’ve never thought favourably of Las Vegas, and perhaps that image is shading my outlook on things. I really do hope that I am proven wrong.

Today as I walked mile after mile of houses in this precinct, each house in the entire precinct with the exception of one, the exact same color. Every house, including that one, made of the exact same material. As I did that, I realized how smug some people seem to be about Petrzalka, about the horrific site that the communists created. I thought about the similarities here. This neighborhood is built with a mindset little different from Petrzalka. How fucking soulless, how fucking mindless have we become? How much further will we continue down this ruinous road?

There is the silver lining to this though, every house, every door, opened revealed a beautiful unique interior. How long before that too becomes a thing of the past? As government attacks the 4th and 5th amendments, technology eats away at our concept of privacy.

After nightfall at about 5 pm, something that brought an end to my canvassing, I headed to have a delicious meal with my aunt and uncle and then off to HQ where I made a few phone calls to Ron Paul supporters trying to get them to be delegates on Saturday. Without delegates, Ron Paul will not win Nevada. Unless you are going to be a delegate for him on Saturday or to show up to the caucus to vote for those delegates at 9 am, your support for Ron Paul is largely meaningless at this point. Those are two thoughts that I must, on the phone, get through to people who “Really love Ron Paul” but “are just too busy this weekend.”

A new day ahead. A good day to all of you.

(writing from Las Vegas)

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