Monday, January 28, 2008

A Bipartisan attack

I saw Kucinich excluded, and then Paul, and Hunter.
Now, as determined by the networks, Edwards is essentially
not even part of the debate.

Had Edwards, while he was at the center of attention, stood firmly
in support of Kucinich and his right to be heard, the debate-time
censorship would have come to an end there. It would have been
near impossible to have done otherwise. Edwards just two week
ago, would have taken a stand that would have protected him today.

His shortsighted appreciation for the Constitution seems to have quickly proven to have failed him. A gentleman from Texas sent this over today.

I figured Ben might appreciate it because it adds strength to Ben’s admonitions on the eedom of speech. Also, I imagine Ben and Johannes appreciating the undertones of “offensiveness” and “anti-defamation” and controlling government to make a safe place for all. This bi-partisan attack on our freedom of expression and our freedom to redress grievances marches on.

- Allan

PS I have no idea how to delete this second video in this post and the one below. If anyone knows how, please speak up. Usually, it shows up in the edit posts window, but today the code for the video is not showing up.

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