Thursday, January 3, 2008

January 2

What a very contented feeling came over me as a result of the two last phone calls from today's phone banking - a total of an hour spent on those two phone calls. And when the day was over, both produced two votes for Paul, two interested votes for Paul. We're working large lists and will move from the to focussing on smaller groups. Today spent at HQ in Concord, NH was such a worthwhile time.

Anywhere I go, I lead with a copy of the constitution. "May I give you a copy of the Constitution." Almost no one says no to that. In the diner this morning, at the toll booth, at the rest stop, at the gas station.

The morning will be sign waving, then phone banking, then sign waving, then a meeting back at home.

After tonight's meeting a guy said something that I think anyone in the room might have agreed with "This trip was worth spending the last of my life savings on this campaign." He talked about the fascinating people that Paul attracts.

Later in the night, my brother called, he told me a number of things, but as soon as he told me that oil hit a hundred, closing at 99, that gold closed at 860, and silver 15.60, I repeated those numbers to the group around me. This is a group of people that find significance in such things. A very well-versed, dedicated group of people. These are people that I am most proud to fight next to.

As our meeting came to an end, and a few sat around waiting for RP to come onto Larry King Live (the only grouping of 20 people anywhere in the world watching Suze Orman at that moment, as one group member said)we pulled out our stamp and our fiat currency and stamped "RON PAUL for President" on the front and back of each bill.

We talked strategy all night, shared our stories from the day - successes and failures, and slowly the evening wound down. A day of success after success that so significantly overshadowed the failures of the day. In the morning we lose group member Jordan from Denton, Texas, a leader who got us all comfortable with the situation we were all getting ourselves into. Texas gets him back, ready to spread the energy of the revolution on the ground in New Hampshire.

5:30 am start. A good night to you all.

(writing from New London, New Hampshire)

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