Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't be ignorant

There's an undeserved strain of doubt among some Ron Paul supporters and I'd like to take the time to dispel that.

If anyone who reads this speaks the words "Does Ron Paul really have a chance?" I want you to not repeat that to others, because you will only look uneducated in the face of the educated.

As a favor to you, I'd like to ask you to go do your homework on the roll of straw polls/presidential preference polls/beauty contests (as they are referred to officially in Illinois) v. delegate selection.

The candidate who believes in the importance of the state government is, not surprisingly, running a campaign, focussed on the details of each state's electoral system.

I'm not being hopeful that his campaign can come alive; I'm not saying that he will win. What I am saying is that RON PAUL IS A FRONT RUNNER. His strategy of capturing delegates has been successful. If he continues that same strategy in 44 more states, he will be formidable in St. Paul in September.

Ron Paul is a front runner for the GOP nomination. Anyone who tells you otherwise:
1.) Doesn't understand the riles of election law in the US
2.) Is lying to you.

Will he go all the way? I don't know.
Does he have a chance? I don't know. That is where my hope comes into play, but as far as the facts of the matter, he is at present, a front runner in the race.

From that one can logically follow that he has a chance, despite the many unknowns, but I will refrain from going down that path because that is simply a path of conjecture. Let's stick with what we know to be verifiably true: Ron Paul is a front runner.

writing from Blue Island, IL

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