Monday, January 28, 2008

This morning's news

This morning's political news from Chicago:

REZKO ARREST. A source confirms that federal agents early today
arrested Antoin "Tony" Rezko, scheduled to stand trial on corruption charges
in less than a month, at his Wilmette home due to an alleged bond
violation. Jeff Coen and John Chase report:

KENNEDYS BACK OBAMA. Barack Obama, so often compared to John F.
, has won the support of JFK's brother and daughter. Mike Dorning and
Jill Zuckman report:

Tribune endorses Obama, John McCain:
The Obama endorsements appeared next to Rezko getting pulled into court because of him shifting his money around pre-trial. These guy have a long history together, and at least Rezko's history is shady. If running the endorsements on the same day was intentional, it worked well, because people are not talking about "Obama and Rezko" right now, instead they are talking about "Obama and Kennedy."

A good day to you from the 1st Congressional district of Illinois, where my Congressman admits to being bought off by AT&T, the aldermen take donations to local schools in order to expedite your zoning request, the mayor of Chicago has had feds sniffing around for decades, the junior Senator is named in the arguments in the Rezko case, and the Governor of Illinois is pandering to the elderly as he approaches a day of reckoning in court as well.


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