Saturday, January 19, 2008

End the Fed

We are sitting in the Las Vegas office, waiting for our packets to be ready for tomorrow. It's too late to make phone calls. A few of us who were in New Hampshire are sitting here and watching a few videos. One of the guys here pointed out to me that he and I started the "End the Fed" chant on this video. It was a good crowd, and a great speech.

We've worked hard this week and tomorrow is the day of reckoning. I feel like there is so much more that I would like to do, but I cannot identify other time in my schedule where that could have fit. This morning, I was even up at 6 am doing a blanket drop - just leaving brochures in people's doors before I came in at 9 am to start making phone calls.

Tomorrow I am going to help organize 46 PRECINCTS!! This will absolutely be a handful. I am going to write a little newsletter for my precinct coordinators before I head out of the office tonight. This whole caucus thing is a brilliant idea. I am really very excited to be so close to this very grassroots process. Primaries are weak, caucuses draw out the true believers, the dedicated, the opinionated. What an excellent experience this will be. I will be so excited to hear the stories as people leave their precincts.

Wishing you a good night.

(in Las Vegas)

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