Saturday, January 12, 2008

The intellectual struggle

For those who haven't seen it yet: This Message from Ron: Onward! is pretty powerful stuff. Well thought out, well written, and very upbeat. Beyond the actual campaign, Ron Paul here focuses on the intellectual battle, it being a long struggle, and a reason why we should be optimistic.

And in fact there is lots of room for being upbeat. Take all those mainly young people who are getting accustomed to a set of ideas that are a breath of fresh air compared to the current conventional wisdom which in turn is so narrow and seems to have an exclusive hold on what is being said on major news outlets in the US right now! This wonderful piece Young and in Love on TNR gives a good feel of what the ongoing enthusiasm within this movement has triggered: E.g. some university majors intending to write their thesis on Ron Paul or ideas related to the campaign. That indeed is the way to go.

In the end, we should be the ones who are better informed, who have the in debth knowledge that allows us to challenge things. Rudy's reading list is great, and it is just the beginning.

- Johannes

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