Monday, January 7, 2008

January 7

The motto as we go into the phone banks and the canvassing runs tomorrow will be
"20%+1" because tonight, Frank Luntz, walked out of his after-debate focus group, and into my friends and I. I introduced myself to him. He stopped. I told him how dishonourable I found it that Ron Paul was excluded from the elections, and a few folks started getting their questions in. 10 minutes later, Frank Luntz had said to one of us "If Ron Paul gets more than 20% on Tuesday, I will pay you one thousand dollars..."

That was pretty interesting. Also interesting was that one from among our ranks was invited, by mistake, to the Frank Luntz focus group. You will one day be able to find his tale of that on Lew Rockwell. Bob Novak was also inside of the room that we picketed outside of. You can see us picketing in the background of the Fox News Frank Luntz after-debate broadcast.

After Ron Paul spoke in a townhall meeting tonight - about 350 people packed into a space made for 150 people, a friend of mine from his district introduced me to Mrs. Paul. I passed Ben Novak's message to her from the Strasbourg Tea Party. She told me how much she liked Bratislava when her and Dr. Paul were there. I met the rest of the family who was here in town, even one of the 18 grandchildren. A few minutes later, even though many people were surrounding Dr. Paul to take a picture with him, or to get their Constitutions signed, Mrs. Paul cut through the crowd and pulled him over to me, to meet the young man who came from Bratislava. He held out his hand, and asked me about my libertarian affiliations in Slovakia, and we talked for a few moments about the movement in Europe. A very polite man. Barry Goldwater Jr. and I also met tonight.

He said tonight "I was sitting in Arizona, hearing all our fine Republicans talking about how they are Goldwater Conservatives and I got mad...if anyone is a spokesman for Goldwater Conservatism, it's Ron Paul."

A few minutes after the TownHall meeting came to an end, the Fox debates began. Those hundreds of Ron Paul supporters flooded out of the place and disappeared. There were hundreds of others around Manchester. Two guys and I decided to poke our heads into the legendary Ron Paul hangout in New Hampshire - Murphy's. (It's only been there for 10 months, but the owner is a Ron Paul supporter) We went there, it was rented out for the night. So, we headed back down the street, where we encountered that hoard of Ron Paul supporters leaving the hotel where ABC executives were all camped out. We caught up to the horde, and for a number of hours, Ron Paul supporters covered all 4 corners of a busy intersection with easily a hundred signs out there. We chanted, and chanted, and the police came. TV cameras came from all over, even BOSTON! ! We appeared on news broadcasted to the west coast, LA. We were live on CNN. "Ron Paul Revolution - Reinstate our Constitution" and "Revoke Fox's License" were things that we shouted for those hours at that intersection.

We were happy to learn that Frank Luntz was conducting his focus group in a restaraunt on that intersection. I was happy to run into many ABC employees. Each one of them I told "You are just as big of a problem as Fox is, you deserve the same criticism, and you ought to be ashamed for telling Dennis Kucinich yesterday that he wasn't welcome at the debate."

It really is a shame.

Charlie Gibson was said to have come through the crowd, and I really wish that I would have met him, because I really would have told that corporate shill what I think of his belief that ABC should have the right to decide what candidates we get to hear on our public airwaves, using bogus polls as support for their opinions on what candidates ought to be heard. ABC does not have the high ground over Fox and doesn't deserve to have it.

In all of this, something that I still cannot really believe is, I kid you not, as follows.

Today, a mob of Ron Paul supporters chased Sean Hannity from the restaraunt where he ate his dinner to his hotel on foot. As he pulled away from the group, one of the members of the mob threw a snowball at him.

A mob actually pursued Sean Hannity through the streets of Manchester, NH today.

Penn and Teller would have been proud, as the legendary "Fuck you Frank" was also delivered to Luntz today.

All in all, it was an excellent day of listening to Dr. Paul speak, meeting folks, being on TV, waving signs to many cars with supportive horn honks that drove by, spending time at the phone bank, and shows of civil disobedience that at times descended into less than polite moments.

I do believe that this revolution is unstoppable. It is a matter of whether or not we have enough time to get the message to the many people that we need to without the help of our traditional media.

It is time to get to bed, and to prepare for my last day on the phone banks. I will be at a polling place all day following that. As I write this, Dr. Paul is flying across the continent, readying himself to appear with Jay Leno tomorrow.

Wishing you all well.

(writing from New Londond, NH)


Anonymous said...

Great job! I wished I could be there! I'm still hoping for a win or a 3rd party run to have a possibility to join you all!

Live free or die!

Fabio Bossi said...

Great Job Allan!!!!

I`m so envious...wish I was there too...