Saturday, January 19, 2008

16 Jan - a good conversation

January 16

I headed out to canvass after sending out a few emails in the morning. On the way, a scholar on the Constitution called me, a man who I am trying to organize a project with. He is part of the group that is seeking to organize the distribution of copies of the US Constitution. This man, is impressive when he speaks about the Costitution, and I was quite honored to have received a phone call from him. We talked about a few important matters of logistics for about 10 or 15 minutes, and then I got to hear some impressive ideas from him.

1. His mother is a Slovakia fanatic and their ancestors came from Slovakia. He refers to some of the framers, however, as his “philosophical ancestors,” a well-phrased comment, and something I personally agree with.
2. I asked him about his dream for the Constitution Bomb project. He told me that his dream is to bring about a second American revolution. Automatically, my mind went to some intimidating thoughts – it’s easier to speak about Revolution than to hear another person speak about Revolution.
3. He quoted Ben Franklin to me, who referred to the American Revolution as having happened from 1760-1775. What followed that was a bloody rebellion. Revolution is an astronomical term, and also refers to a changing of the mind, a changing of perspective, a changing of opinion. Pre-1760 colonists say themselves as proud members of the British Empire. Post 1775, the story was different. Franklin referred to the bloodshed that followed as a bloody rebellion.

The conversation sent me off with much energy for the day’s caucusing.

(in Las Vegas, Nevada)

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