Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ron Paul took second in Louisiana

No one is talking about it here, but this post at inidicates that Ron Paul is the second place vote getting in Louisiana's delegate count so far. - Allan

Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger F. Villere, Jr. today announced the preliminary results of delegate elections held at GOP caucuses across the state on Tuesday evening.

More than 10,000 Republican voters met at 11 locations around Louisiana to choose delegates to the 2008 Louisiana Republican Convention, which will elect nearly all of Louisiana’s delegates to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"Preliminary results show that a majority of the 105 state convention delegates who have been elected ran on a statewide pro-life uncommitted slate," Villere said. "I congratulate the candidates and supporters of this group on their victory and look forward to working with them to keep our Party platform pro-life at the state and national conventions," he said.

Delegate candidates endorsed by US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) appear to have won more state convention delegate positions than any other presidential slate at the Louisiana Caucuses.

"I offer my congratulations Senator John McCain on his success in the Louisiana caucuses,"" Villere said. "Senator McCain is an American hero and this is further evidence that he enjoys strong support in Louisiana and throughout the South," he said.

Supporters of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) appear to have captured the next highest number of delegate positions.

"I applaud the supporters of Congressman Paul for their enthusiasm and superior organizational ability," Villere said. "Our Party needs the infusion of new activists who have both political skill and a passion for protecting the freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution," he said. "I left the caucus with a renewed commitment to promote our core Republican principles of limited government and individual freedom, thanks to the zeal displayed by Congressman Paul’s Louisiana supporters," Villere said.

In addition to the uncommitted delegates and McCain and Paul supporters, Governor Mitt Romney appears to have won a handful of state convention delegates.

"Governor Romney and his team have worked hard for over a year in Louisiana to build a strong organization," Villere said. "The Governor has been to Louisiana more than any other GOP candidate, including one trip specifically to appear at a state party fundraising dinner," he said. "Governor Romney has shown a commitment to Louisiana that is second to none and the strong support he has here is an indication that Louisiana Republicans are excited about his candidacy," Villere said.

Results from Louisiana's Republican caucuses and the informal designation of a "winning slate" are preliminary for two reasons. First, about 500 individuals who attended the event were not shown to be registered Republicans on voter rolls. These individuals were allowed to cast "provisional ballots," which are not included in the current candidate tallies on the Party's website, State Party staffers are currently working with Registrars of Voters across the state to confirm with certainty the eligibility of each candidate. Party rules allow anyone registered as Republican as of November 30, 2007 to have voted last evening. The ballots of those who are found eligible will be added to totals and the outcomes of some races in Districts 1,2,4,5 and 6 could possibly be affected.

Second, candidates for delegate in Louisiana historically have run on one or another slate, but not on multiple slates. This year, however, many candidates ran on more than one slate. There was significant overlap, for example, between the McCain and Pro-Life slates. So determination of which slate won is not as clear-cut. But it certainly appears that the order was: Uncommitted Pro-Life, McCain, Paul, Romney, others.

Identification of candidates with the various slates is not an official Party function and such analysis is provided solely as a courtesy to members of the press and as a response to the numerous inquiries received by the Party regarding this topic.

Results of provisional ballot analysis will be updated regularly on the Party's website until a final count is reached.

Chairman Villere wishes to thank everyone who participated in the 2008 Louisiana Caucuses.

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