Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 6 - some videos from NH

The Liberty Forum is happening in Nashua, NH this weekend. The man who mints the liberty dollar appeared there. Here is some footage from that.

Also, for anyone interested in videos of some of the things the folks that are operating as part of Operation Live Free or Die are doing here, you may watch these videos filmed by Frank. The first is what most of us are doing all day from early until late.

The second is at a place called "Murphy's Tap Room," which has become the haven of Ron Paul supporters in New Hampshire, it's a video of the Iowa results coming in.

It's Sunday morning now. We will canvas some churches - there is a real split among Christians over Paul v. Huckabee. A young lady on the project here from Tennessee with here husband and baby daughter put together a great little pamphlet on Ron Paul's record v. Mike Huckabee's record and things a Christian may want to consider before voting. It's good stuff, and I look forward to using it all over the states of Nevada and Illinois on Sunday mornings. Wishing you folks well. Time for breakfast here in the Shaker house, then off to another day of hitting the phones and getting Ron Paul supporters, just by doing what the main stream media refuses to do in America - tell them about his electoral principles (the Constitution) (which by the way was paid lip service to many times last night) and telling them about his consistent record and plans for election. His message really resonates with alot of folks that I have come across on the phone. Last night was the night, I'm very sad to say, that ABC told the American people, outright, on the airwaves that belong to the American people, what candidates they would be allowed to hear debate. Today, Fox will do the same thing. Iowa voters were allowed to decide what electors New Hampshire voters were allowed to listen to. Folks that I encounter here are angry about that. The NH GOP even pulled out of the Fox debate and issued a great press release:

A great day to you all.
- Allan

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