Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 1

Just got into Manchester, New Hampshire a few hours ago. I had a wait in the airport in which I had a great talk with a TSA employee that made me feel like I was in the Live Free or Die State. She was just great, and wasn't filling an official capacity as much as she was just talking a little with the guy from out of town. After hearing her opinions, I asked her to please vote in the primaries. She'd even once screened Mrs. Paul. : ) I hooked up with a couple from Fort Worth, Texas, newly married. They were interested to hear about Ron Paul's popularity in Europe. Had a very nice time talking to them hearing about their passion for Ron Paul. We waited for luggage with a lady from the Edwards campaign. "We represent men who could be the future leader of the free world, you'd think they'd get our luggage to us." she joked. She spoke to me as if I was "with the campaign." There is no with the campaign or not with the campaign - we're just all volunteers. The suit, tie, and RP button must have deceived her. I rode upstate an hour or so to New London, where we will stay. I travelled with a pair of supporters from RP's district in Texas. Really great guys (which makes for 4 great RP supporters so far out of 4, what an impressive group of folks these are that are part of this campaign). We talked what we liked, what we disliked, and it was challenging at times, supportive at other times. We threw around the names of books, of writers that the other had not heard of. This will be educational indeed.

We set up shop in the rented house. 25 of us will live here. Such a mixture of strong accents, Texas, Cali, up and down the east coast, throughout the midwest. What an interesting mixture of personalities we seem to have here as well. Time for bed. 6 am - 10 am sign waiving, 10 am - 5pm canvassing. It sounds like that's the schedule January 2-7. A rally or two shoved in the middle. Maybe a few hours at a phone bank, and poll watching on the day of the primary. Lots of good circulation of ideas in this big living room right now. A good night to you all.

- Allan
(writing from New London, New Hampshire)

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