Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Election Monitoring Toolkit

This is great. - Allan


1. Ask questions. If you need help getting started, download the Citizens Tool Kit or go to Black Box Voting One on One area and ask a question about how to what to do in your location or situation. For less public individual consultation, e-mail

2. Begin to actively manage your own government: Pick an action -- any action -- from the Black Box Voting Citizen's Toolkit. The Tool Kit contains 20 different modules, for citizens with different interests and skill sets. Just pick one and get started. Fight the temptation to spend your time trying to organize other groups to be on the same page. Complete a meaningful action, even if just on one area. Spend your time actually doing, not on office politics, turf wars, making yourself famous or building little kingdoms. Citizen oversight requires many different independent thinkers, each using their own common sense. This is called the "swarm" method. It is not necessary to march in lockstep.

3. Each one teach one: Get other citizens involved.
- Speak to groups about elections.

4. Adopt a piece of an election.

5. Be the media: Spread the evidence you find to every blog, listserv, forum you know and throughout your personal network. Talk about it at work and to people you meet everywhere. Learn to write an effective press release."

6. Adopt a public official: Choose a public official and educate, monitor, encourage and hold them accountable. How to Adopt a Public Official

7. Do quality checks on your government: Collect information on what is supposed to be done (laws, statutes, administrative rules), then find out if it is being done (review public records, attend public meetings). Government accountability module

8. Find out who's getting paid: How to follow the money trail

9. Count the votes yourself: How to Count the Votes

11. (And you thought there were only 10 things to do): If you're a famous citizen: Download the Elections Toolkit for Famous Voices: What celebrities can do to get better elections

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