Saturday, January 19, 2008

Out canvassing

I will try my best to relate a few stories here from when I was out canvassing, but for now, I will just relate that I stopped by the house of the inventor of this device while campaigning. She lives about a block away from my aunt. I welcome you to take a look, but would like to recommend that anyone who objects to adult material not follow this link. I've come across such interesting and original people and experiences while here going door to door in Nevada. So much of it has been surprising, and if it is so surprising, one must wonder how in touch I am with the real America. If you find these stories so surprising, perhaps I would also ask, how in touch are you with the real America? Then I would go to, is there a definable "real America?"
A good day to you all.
(Writing from the Ron Paul Las Vegas HQ)

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