Monday, April 28, 2008

WMDs all over again

Allan's post came up slightly before I too wanted to publish a post on the Syrian reactor story. I hadn't seen the Greenawald piece yet, but as always he perfectly nails it.

I saw the press conference given by the Syrian embassador in Washington on C-Span yesterday. This is definitely not the representative of a model country, but I couldn't help to feel sympathy with him.

Good background information on this story is provided by Juan Cole on his blog Informed Comment. One of the guesses he makes about the timing of the announcement by the US concurs with my initial suspicion, namely that it had to do with the arrest of an Israeli spy in the US the day before. From a public relations point of view this was perfect timing. The many assertions that all this originated from Cheney's office further adds credibility to this assumption.

BTW, Juan Cole's blog is one of the few places that provide substantive information on the Mideast from within the US without the usual bias. Always worth reading.

-- Johannes from NYC

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