Thursday, April 3, 2008

Detained by the Portuguese Police

Sometimes during the day as I work, I have "News Radio 78" WBBM on in the background. 780 AM. It has short 30 second news blurbs repeated over and over. I very much dislike the very isolated views of the rest of the world delivered by the radio station. These short blurbs help me better understand some of the ridiculous isolated news stories that I've heard from people that I know in sentences with format of "I heard about...over in..."

An example of such a story was on today. It goes something like: "Portuguese authorities have detained a ship with passengers on it taking a 93 day around the world cruise. The ship has been detained because of claims against the ship's owners."

These news blurbs are a problem for me, because it the common kind of ridiculous thing that appears on blurbs about the world. It has the effect, I contend, of making the world outside of the US just seem like an absolutely ridiculous place.

- Allan

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