Friday, April 11, 2008

3 members met tonight

Tonight, two members of Americans in Europe for Ron Paul met to discuss the US Congress, Paulatics, and Guacamole (spelling?) north of the city. Also discussed was how Allan (and Johannes) really should read Glenn Greenwald's How Would A Patriot Act? and how America's elite abuse their place in society and in US Foreign Policy. There was a question left unresolved of what long-term impact the Ron Paul campaign will have. Both of us were saddened to hear the Jim Forsythe news. The existence of his campaign truthfully has been a beacon for me in hard times over the last few weeks. We are most curious how Ben's homecoming was. Joining us by conference call from Slovakia was a third member of the group, on her birthday. This is our largest meeting of group members so far here in Chicago. - Allan in Highwood

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