Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Email that I received last week from Nevada

This is an email that I received this week
from Nevada but did not want to post before
the convention. It makes it clear that the
dirty tricks campaign did not just happen
the day of the convention, or the day of the
primaries, or many days prior to the primaries.
Nevada was, and continues to be a hard fought
state. One would think that the already
inaugurated GOP nominee would not have to
perform such dirty tricks. One would also
think that dirty tricks would not have to be
used against a disarmed opponent. The Ron
Paul revolution is alive and well in Nevada.
It is returning to life in Chicago.
- Allan in Highwood

Dear Ron Paul Supporter:

Our Supporters are being polled by the McCain
campaign. We are being asked the following
questions (paraphrased):

1. Given that the surge appears to be working,
do you support the Iraq war?
2. Do you think the Patriot Act has been
responsible for us not being attacked again?
3. Who did you support at the caucus.

Suggested Answers:
1. Yes, I love the surge. We're winning the war.
2. Yes, the Patriot Act has been great for our safety.
3. I supported (anyone except Ron Paul) at the caucus.

They are gaging our numbers. Do not give them
the information they will use against us. Do
not answer truthfully. This is not about Ron
pride. This is about winning the
convention, and information is power. Keep your
support to yourself until the convention on

Yours In Liberty,

(I will keep his name off of this email)

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