Sunday, April 27, 2008

North Korea helped Syria and both deserve to be attacked NOW ! !

As I was watching a "debate" on this issue, I grew frustrated at the idea that both "experts" agreed that North Korea was involved, that plutonium was going to be produced at that site, that nuclear weapons are being developed by Syria, and that the US better be very concerned. They disagreed on very little.

Here, Johannes's favorite, Glenn Greenwald, tells us to be cautious of exactly these kinds of claims presented in that "debate" and also points out that practically every media source is parroting the lines of the White House in this matter, unquestioningly.

(Has anyone else noticed a recurring theme in the things that Johannes, Ben, and I have been writing and posting. I don't think that it is at the heart of things, but we all seen shocked by the lack of honest coverage the media is giving to important issues. I wonder how far away the US is from having a periodical named Truth.)

This here is an intriguing paragraph from the article:
Worse still -- though completely unsurprising -- is the almost complete lack of challenge to the underlying premises. We just accept uncritically the idea that it is the expression of Ultimate Evil for Syria (or Iran) even to pursue nuclear power in accordance with their obligations under the NPT, let alone develop a nuclear weapon, even while Israel stockpiles enormous amounts of nuclear weapons and refuses to be a party to that treaty. Virtually nobody questions the right of Israel simply to attack its neighbors whenever it wants (imagine the reaction if Syria or Iran had unilaterally bombed a facility inside Israel which it claimed was used to develop destructive weapons). And all of that is underscored by recent claims by the Israeli Government that President Bush himself expressly approved of Israeli plans to expand settlement activities in the West Bank at a time when he was pretending to support a halt to that expansion.
Later in that same article, Greenwald professes his love for Seymour Hersh.

(not really, he just calls him "a real reporter")

A good day to all of you.

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