Saturday, April 19, 2008

Washington Metro Encounter

This is nothing of substance, a chatty post, but, I think, nevertheless worth mentionning.

Today in Washington DC, when I got on to the Metro at Capital South, some people with familiar faces entered at the same door: Lou Moore (a copy of "Revolution - A Manifesto" under his arm) and Kent Snyder.

I talked to them briefly. Me mentionning the Vienna Meetup group Kent Snyder said that when they started all this they could never have imagined that groups would form in such far places. He asked me whether I had already been at Ron Paul's congressional office, which I was not. I had no idea this would be possible, after all I'm none of Dr. Paul's constituents, not even an American citizen. And that was it basically. I had to get off after two stops. Nice coincidence after all.

-- Johannes from Washington DC

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Anonymous said...

Johannes, that's a great story. I look forward to hearing about your trip to RP's office (please be sure to mention the great success of your friend Allan's local campaign). : )