Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wesley Snipes

In Ron Paul related news, Wesley Snipes was recently given a three-year sentence for not paying taxes: One year for each year he failed to file his taxes, the judge said. An appropriate punishment?

This article from Nolan Chart gives a more positive spin on the Snipes trial:

Does anyone know if Wesley Snipes is a Ron Paul supporter?


Americans In Europe For Ron Paul said...

I do not know if he is a Ron Paul supporter, but I am betting by now he has some good friends in the tax honesty movement. He's just a step away from Ron Paul in such company. Thank you for the snipes update.
- Allan

Americans In Europe For Ron Paul said...

In the interview I just had we talked about Wesley Snipes. I asked the interviewer your question of the man's political leanings. We were unable to arrive at a conclusion about that. - Allan