Friday, April 18, 2008

The Freedom Rally

While in Washington DC I took the chance to attend the Freedom Rally two days ago, and, well, it was a real good experience. The weather turned out to be fine, the speakers mostly did a good job, and the general mood in the crowd was positive, altough the turnout was less than I had expected (500 to 1000 people, I would say).

Ron Paul spoke shortly in the beginning. The essence of what he said was something along the lines that this is the beginning, that what has started with his campaign might turn out to be a turning point. Huge cheers for him as well as for his wife Carol ("We love you Carol" people shouted, and somebody added "And we love your cookbook too"...).

Many of the so called Ron Paul Republicans currently running for office got their chance to speak.

The atmosphere was friendly and people were very accessible. E.g, I talked to a meetup organizer from Pennsylvania. They are still very active and work hard for the primary next week. I learned of a recent book called Ron Paul speaks containing Ron Paul quotes by issues. With Philip Haddad, one of the two editors, I had a good conversation. I also talked to some of the candidates running for congress, about the meetup groups, about money...

See a google video of the rally at

-- Johannes

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Sue M said...

I was pleased to meet Johannes at the Freedom Rally in Washington DC last Tuesday. What a thrill it is to realize that the Liberty I cherish, that Ron Paul so ably promotes, is cherished not only in America but in far distant lands as well, although of course I already knew this to be true.