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Report from Nevada GOP Caucus

This just appeared in my inbox sent from Adam
in meetup group 109. Please accept my apologies
on the length and formatting. It's good stuff,
none the less. The article did a good job
helping me visualize the atmosphere of the
event. I am unable to verify the facts. This
article seems to be a good companion to the
article that Dan posted earlier today. Thank
you, Adam.
- Allan in 60040

Report from Nevada GOP Caucus.

Ernest Hancock
Website: www.ernesthancock. com
Date: 04-26-2008
Subject: Presidential Campaigns for 2008 - United States

1417 is the number of credentialed delegates
that can vote and a quorum is 709.

At the beginning of the Convention the State
GOP/McCain campaign tried to limit who could
be considered delegates. This prompted a floor
fight that went on for hours. The record crowd
wondered why they were there if the people to
be voted on were already predetermined.

Already the 3 congressional districts have gone
(3 delegates for each Congressional District)
One district has awarded all 3 to Ron Paul, the
second district went, One for Ron Paul, One for
John McCain
and One for NV.

US Senator John Ensign and the third congressional
district is unknown since the convention authorities
won't tell.

Nevada's US Senator Bob Beers is also permanent chair
of the convention. He approached the podium at 6pm
banged gavel and said we lost the room, we're in recess
and have to figure out another way another time to elect
the remaining 22 delegates to the national convention
and left the room.... but a quorum was present and
the people were not finished :)

After the hotel stated that they had no
problem with another 3 hours of room
use someone tried turning off the lights.

After running off as many as possible
during the confusion the lights started
coming back on. Ron Paul supporters are
now getting as many back as possible to
get the 709 needed to continue to vote
for the 22 more delegates that need to
be elected.

The lights are back on and now the microphones
are coming back on and the convention chair is
being asked to take a qurorum count,.... Bob
Beers is nowhere to be found soooo....

Brock Lorber our on the scene correspondent(and
delegate) will call me back with more shortly :).
I'll get it to you as I hear about it while I am
now in Washington DC (gott'a love the Internet
and modern communications :)


Brock just called and said that the convention
chair refused to reappear. A quorum call was
taken and they were short of the 709 by over 100 (I
think he said 580 something). Observers to the
congressional delegate count told them the numbers
of the delegates from the congressional delegates
for the two districts that they were involved in
but the third district ballots have been confiscated
by the GOP and sealed and so have the other two
congressional districts without an official report
to the convention.

Now the remaining 500+ delegates to the convention
are acting as a 'Committee of the Whole' to verify

I talked to several Ron Paul delegates at the
convention that confirmed how the State GOP
tried multiple methods to limit which delegates
were to be selected from and when that didn't
work their next tactic was to drag out the process
as long as possible to claim that there was no more
time and end the process. Once this was done all of
the McCain/GOP suits left.

I was also told that CSPAN began covering the
Convention but soon left after it was clear that
it was getting more complicated than could be rationally
explained on TV.

Brock called again to say that a second call for
a quorum was taken and it fell short. When it was
clear that it was over and the delegates began to
leave they found over 50 people standing in another
room wanting to be around in case there was a quorum
meet but didn't want it to happen so they hid :)

Nevada Senator Bob Beers, convention chair, told Brian
Komisky (Ron Paul's Southern Nevada chair) that most
likely the convention will come out of recess in Las


9:30pm update (Nevada Time)

Confirmed by delegates who witnessed a conversation
between the state party chairwoman, Sue Lowden at
just before 6pm, with counters from the counting
room and McCain functionaries that of the 9
Congressional Delegates up for grabs - 7 had gone to
Ron Paul. These numbers were told to the state party
chair and the McCain campaign people implored the
chair to stop the State Convention. Soon after this
conversation the Convention chair Nevada US Senator
Bob Beers put the Convention in recess and the lights
were turned off.

A 5th delegate in attendance just reported to me that
just before 6pm there were several women running through
the crowd looking for McCain supporters.

Declaring to be a McCain supporter she was told that they
all had to get out of the convention hall immediately. The
delegate argued that a lot of party business was yet to be
finished (Platform, delegates etc.) but was told that
they would conduct business by email if they had to but that
the Ron Paul people had taken over the convention and they
had to get under the number needed to have a quorum.

Another delegate told me that they heard
the Convention chair, Nevada US Senator
Bob Beers say, "I'll save you the trouble,
I'm making the announcement that we are out
of time".

I'm really looking forward to the details
of how a bunch of invisible freedom
supporters exposed the GOP for what it is.
THIS is the WIN that I have been working
very hard for. It is the "system" that is
the enemy (and the Bad Guys that always
wind up in charge of it).

Another update: The RNC was involved :)

After the chairman's, Senator Bob Beers,
cowardly exit, it's clear that he and the
other neocons would rather keep themselves
in power by turning a state convention into
a travesty of justice than to allow people
to vote for the candidate of their choice.
It wasn't clear who would have won: Ron
or John McCain, but by taking away our
choice he has taken part in turning this
country into a banana republic, and had made
a terrible example to Americans and the
world of what America should be about.

The entire convention was filmed by SNCAT,
an impartial observer whose purpose is to
simply report the actual news, no spin,
no lies, just the facts.

The convention (subject to time limits)
will be broadcast on Public Access Television
this Wednesday, April 30th, at 8:00pm. They
welcome people who took part in the convention
(and they don't care which candidate you
support) to state your observations and
comments, on camera, during the broadcast.

If you can express yourself well verbally and
willing to do so in front of a camera, please
contact Dennis Grover, 775-284-1388,
dennis@liberyandjus ticeforall. tv, or contact
SNCAT at 775-828-1211.

I've written a very hard hitting one-minute ad
for Ron Paul vs. John McCain which WILL jettison
McCain's bid for the nomination and/or presidency.
The casting call will be coming out within one or
two weeks or so, but in the meantime we have some
important issues to deal with, so I'll hold off
for now.

For now PLEASE go to the convention site Sunday
morning at 8:00am. The fight continues and the
gloves are coming off.

As Ron Paul says, Yours in Liberty,

Though Ron Paul supporters outnumbered Mc-Cane
supporters 700+ to 400+ at the Nevada State
GOP Convention today, the State Party Chairman was
able to cancel the convention and walk out of
the convention hall with security guards. The
State GOP has said they will "reconvene" the
convention at a later as yet unnamed date,
not in Reno but in Las Vegas.

Is there no shame among the GOP Party elites?

And more importantly. ...anyone up for a trip to Las Vegas!

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